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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
memcached Debian Stretch 1.4.33-1+deb9u1 None
memcached Debian Jessie 1.4.21-1.1+deb8u2 None
memcached Debian Sid 1.5.1-1 None
viewvc Debian Jessie 1.1.22-1+deb8u1 None
radare2 Debian Jessie 0.9.6-3.1+deb8u1 None
glob2 Debian Sid None
valabind Debian Sid 0.10.0-1 None
glob2 Ubuntu Yakkety s390x ppc64el powerpc i386 armhf arm64 amd64
aoetools Debian Sid 36-1.1 None
ruby-recaptcha Debian Sid 3.2.0-2 None

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
pyew Panto tools - Ubuntu Trusty 2.0-3 None