PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
noteshrink ppa - Ubuntu Focal 0.1.1-2~eugenesan~focal2 None
smartgit ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 21.2.0-0~nojre~eugenesan~bionic1 None
smartgit ppa - Ubuntu Focal 21.2.0-0~nojre~eugenesan~focal1 None
rtl8723du ppa - Ubuntu Focal None
sirikali ppa - Ubuntu Focal 1.4.8-2~eugenesan~focal1 None
libsecp256k1 ppa - Ubuntu Focal 0.1~20210108-1~eugenesan~focal1 None
bash-completion ppa - Ubuntu Focal 1:2.11-2ubuntu1~eugenesan~focal2 None
electrum ppa - Ubuntu Focal 4.1.5-0~eugenesan~focal2 None
sshguard ppa - Ubuntu Focal 2.3.1-1ubuntu3.01~eugenesan~focal1 None
mate-screensaver ppa - Ubuntu Focal 1.24.0-2~eugenesan~focal1 None
protobuf ppa - Ubuntu Focal 3.12.4-1ubuntu2~eugenesan~focal1 None
ms-sys ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 2.7.0-0~eugenesan~bionic1 None
ms-sys ppa - Ubuntu Focal 2.7.0-0~eugenesan~focal1 None
gocryptfs ppa - Ubuntu Focal 1.8.0-1~eugenesan~focal2 None
dupeguru Dupeguru - Ubuntu Focal 4.1.1-0~ppa~focal1 None
dupeguru Dupeguru - Ubuntu Bionic 4.1.1-0~ppa~bionic1 None
dupeguru ppa - Ubuntu Focal 4.1.1-0~eugenesan~focal1 None
dupeguru ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 4.1.1-0~eugenesan~bionic1 None
torbrowser-launcher ppa - Ubuntu Focal 0.3.3-3~eugenesan~focal2 None
torbrowser-launcher ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 0.3.3-3~eugenesan~bionic2 None
gocryptfs ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 1.8.0-1~eugenesan~bionic1 None
diff-pdf ppa - Ubuntu Focal 0.3pre1-0~eugenesan~focal2 None
zram-config ppa - Ubuntu Focal 0.7-0~201804172223~ubuntu20.04.1 None
zbackup ppa - Ubuntu Focal 1.5alpha-0+20160206~eugenesan~focal1 None
launchpad-getkeys ppa - Ubuntu Focal 0.3.3-2~eugenesan~focal1 None
freefilesync ppa - Ubuntu Focal 10.15-0~eugenesan~focal1.2 None
mc ppa - Ubuntu Focal 3:4.8.25-0~eugenesan~focal1 None
mc ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 3:4.8.25-0~eugenesan~bionic1 None
torbrowser-launcher ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 0.3.2-1~eugenesan~xenial1 None
dupeguru ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 4.0.4-0~eugenesan~xenial1 None
freefilesync ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 10.15-0~eugenesan~bionic1.2 None
sysdig ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 0.24.1-1ubuntu3~eugenesan~bionic1 None
sysdig ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 0.24.1-1ubuntu3~eugenesan~xenial1 None
zbackup ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 1.5alpha-0+20160206~eugenesan~bionic1 None
exfat-nofuse ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 1.2.10+20190113-1~eugenesan~bionic1 None
exfat-nofuse ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 1.2.10+20190113-1~eugenesan~xenial1 None
mc ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 3:4.8.22-0~eugenesan~xenial4 None
indicator-brightness ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 0.8-0~eugenesan~19~ubuntu16.04.1 None
indicator-brightness ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 0.8-0~eugenesan~19~ubuntu18.04.1 None
backlight-indicator ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 0.5.2-0~eugenesan~bionic1 None
backlight-indicator ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 0.5.2-0~eugenesan~xenial1 None
x2goserver ppa - Ubuntu Bionic None
x2goserver ppa - Ubuntu Xenial None
electrum ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 3.2.2-0~eugenesan~bionic1 None
electrum ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 3.2.2-0~eugenesan~xenial1 None
python-socksipy ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 1.6.5-1~eugenesan~xenial1 None
pyaes ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 1.6.1-1ubuntu1~eugenesan~bionic1 None
pyaes ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 1.6.1-1ubuntu1~eugenesan~xenial1 None
diff-pdf ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 0.3pre1-0~eugenesan~bionic2 None
diff-pdf ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 0.3pre1-0~eugenesan~xenial2 None
noteshrink ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 0.1.1-1.1~eugenesan~bionic1 None
noteshrink ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 0.1.1-1.1~eugenesan~xenial1 None
gnome-menus2 ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 3.0.1-0ubuntu9~eugenesan~bionic1 None
freefilesync ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 10.0-1.01~eugenesan~xenial1 None
smartgit ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 18.1.2+nojre-0~eugenesan~xenial1 None
cardapio ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 0.9.204-0~201805251419~ubuntu18.04.1 None
cardapio Cardapio PPA - Ubuntu Trusty 0.9.204-0~201805251419~ubuntu14.04.1 None
cardapio Cardapio PPA - Ubuntu Xenial 0.9.204-0~201805251419~ubuntu16.04.1 None
cardapio Cardapio PPA - Ubuntu Bionic 0.9.204-0~201805251419~ubuntu18.04.1 None
gnome-menus2 Cardapio PPA - Ubuntu Bionic 3.0.1-0ubuntu9~cardapio~bionic1 None
gnome-menus2 Cardapio PPA - Ubuntu Xenial 3.0.1-0ubuntu9~cardapio~xenial1 None
launchpad-getkeys ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 0.3.3-2~eugenesan~bionic1 None
launchpad-getkeys ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 0.3.3-2~eugenesan~xenial1 None
zram-config ppa - Ubuntu Bionic 0.7-0~201804172223~ubuntu18.04.1 None
zram-config ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 0.7-0~201804172223~ubuntu16.04.1 None
zram-config ppa - Ubuntu Artful 0.6-0~7~ubuntu17.10.1 None
keepassxc ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 2.3.1-0~eugenesan~xenial2 None
keepassxc ppa - Ubuntu Artful 2.3.1-0~eugenesan~artful2 None
xf86-input-cmt-hwe-16.04 ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 2.0.6-14~eugenesan~xenial2 None
bitcoin ppa - Ubuntu Xenial None
libunivalue ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 1.0.3-4~eugenesan~xenial1 None
leveldb ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 1.20-1~eugenesan~xenial1 None
libsecp256k1 ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 0.1~20170810-1~eugenesan~xenial1 None
keepass2 ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 2.37+dfsg-1~eugenesan~xenial1 None
p7zip ppa - Ubuntu Xenial 16.02+dfsg-4~eugenesan~xenial1 None
175 of 1122 results