Hackers, Users and Fans of the FAI infrastructure.

FAI is an automated installation tool to install or deploy Debian GNU/Linux and other distributions on a bunch of different hosts or a Cluster. It's more flexible than other tools like kickstart for Red Hat, autoyast and alice for SuSE or Jumpstart for SUN Solaris. FAI can also be used for configuration management of a running system.

The homepage of the FAI project you can find here: http://fai-project.org/ .

The main motivation for the team is to have an apt repository, which is
autobuilt for amd64+i386, https://launchpad.net/~fai/+archive.
Every member of the team is allowed to upload packages there.

Other tasks include providing fai backports for earlier versions of
ubuntu, like I've done for dapper and feisty. We also receive bug
reports, which need to be triaged and forwarded to Thomas. In the
midterm, we'd like to have the install examples more tested, and ideally
more actually working example classes for ubuntu and its variants
kubuntu, xubuntu, mythubuntu, etc. It would be awesome if we had a
FAI-CD for each of these variants. You see, there are enough ideas to
implement ;)

For best support, we should direct ubuntu users to the fai mailing list.
However, since the general advice for bugreporting in ubuntu is
launchpad, we need this team to actively forward bugs.

If you are interested in working in such a team, please consider joining
the team at https://launchpad.net/~fai/+join. After you have done so,
please write the team administrator(s) a small email what you've already
done with fai, and what your plans in the team are.

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