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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
carla-git KXStudio Applications - Ubuntu Bionic 5:2.6.0~git20230930 None
carla KXStudio Applications - Ubuntu Focal 6:2.5.7-1kxstudio1 None
wineasio KXStudio Applications - Ubuntu Bionic 5:1.2.0b-1kxstudio1 None
cardinal KXStudio Staging - Ubuntu Focal 5:23.09-1kxstudio1 None
carla-git KXStudio Staging - Ubuntu Bionic 5:2.6.0~git20230903 None
carla KXStudio Staging - Ubuntu Focal 6:2.5.5b-1kxstudio1 None
cardinal KXStudio Testing - Ubuntu Focal 5:23.07b-1kxstudio2 None
ildaeil KXStudio Plugins - Ubuntu Focal 6:1.3-1kxstudio1 None
obs-studio Carla + OBS - Ubuntu Lunar 29.1.3-0obsproject1+carla1~lunar None
obs-studio Carla + OBS - Ubuntu Kinetic 29.1.3-0obsproject1+carla1~kinetic None