PPA packages

76109 of 109 results
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
irssi Colobox - Ubuntu Trusty 0.8.17-1~rf.trusty.1 None
libapache2-mod-imagemap Colobox - Ubuntu Trusty 1~rf.trusty.2 None
apache-vsl apache-vsl - Ubuntu Precise 3.2-0upstream1 None
2ping 2ping - Ubuntu Lucid 2.1.1-0upstream1 None
rsync Colobox - Ubuntu Trusty 3.1.0-2rf2 None
php-crack Colobox - Ubuntu Trusty 0.4+svn297236-1~rf.trusty.2 None
libcrypt-scrypt-perl Colobox - Ubuntu Trusty 0.05-1~rf.trusty.2 None
libcrypt-scrypt-perl Colobox - Ubuntu Precise 0.05-1~rf.precise.2 None
libai-megahal-perl Colobox - Ubuntu Trusty 0.07-1~rf.trusty.2 None
libai-megahal-utf8-perl Colobox - Ubuntu Precise 0.01-1~rf.precise.2 None
libhtml-strip-utf8-perl Colobox - Ubuntu Precise 0.01-1~rf.precise.2 None
grub-loopback-iso Finnix daily builds - Ubuntu Precise 1~0bzr18~precise1 None
apache-vsl apache-vsl - Ubuntu Natty 3.1.1-0~upstream.natty.1 None
apache-vsl Colobox - Ubuntu Precise 3.1.1-1~rf.precise.1 None
php-crack Colobox - Ubuntu Precise 0.4+svn297236-1~rf.precise.1 None
libai-megahal-perl Colobox - Ubuntu Precise 0.07-1~rf.precise.2 None
2ping Colobox - Ubuntu Precise 2.0-1~rf.precise.1 None
libsnmp-session-perl Colobox - Ubuntu Precise 1.13-1ubuntu1 None
digitemp Colobox - Ubuntu Precise 3.5.0ds1-1ubuntu1~rf.precise.1 None
php-apc Colobox - Ubuntu Precise 3.1.9-1~rf.precise.1 None
76109 of 109 results