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We currently have the diamond_validation test, which checks that every flml file is valid with respect to the current schema. I would also like another complementary tool: given a schema and a set of flml files, which entries in the schema are never used? The reason for this is that parsing the schema is the most ex...
This project focusses on extending the capabilities of Diamond. It is very common to have multiple slightly different input files for the same problem, for comparing the quality and efficiency of different discretisations or options. It would be very useful to be able to see in an intuitive way (for example, with t...
When developing on different branches it is not so straightforward to call diamond invoking the relevant schema file (i.e. the -s option is required with a full path to the project schema file). How about the function to give schema files aliases, much like the aliases in hg for pull and push servers - see http://w...
Data in Diamond is currently organised as a top-down tree structure. This is useful for the majority of users, but is very cumbersome when wanting to change a number of similar options in multiple fields. For example, changing the relative error under adaptivity_options when using 4 fields to construct the metric, w...

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