Team participation for Free Ekanayaka

Free Ekanayaka is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Canonical Livepatch Dependencies Team 2016-06-30 Owner
Canonical Salesforce User Community Member Landscape, [private team]
Canonical content creators Member insights.u.c authors, Landscape Blog Editors, [private team]
Charm CI/CD team 2016-11-02 Member
Cisco VPP Member Landscape, [private team]
Citrix Client Member The Maza team, Landscape, [private team]
Cloud Deck Team 2010-04-21 Member
Debian Multimedia Maintainers 2010-05-28 Member
Fake Juju team 2017-01-23 Owner
Juju Reports Viewers Member [private team]
LAZR Developers 2016-05-31 Member
LAZR Users Member LAZR Developers Not subscribed
Landscape Member [private team]
Landscape Blog Editors Member [private team]
Landscape Bugs 2010-01-05 Member
Landscape Charmers 2013-06-12 Member
Landscape Development Tools Team Member Landscape, [private team]
Launchpad Development mailing list 2010-08-06 Member Subscribed
Plum grid team Member Landscape, [private team]
Prometheus Backports 2016-07-09 Owner
Storm Developers Member [private team]
The Grover team Member The Maza team, Landscape, [private team]
The Maza team Member Landscape, [private team]
Ubuntu App Developer site editors Member Canonical content creators, insights.u.c authors, Landscape Blog Editors, [private team]
Ubuntu Openstack Installer Member Landscape, [private team]
Ubuntu backporters from Debian 2016-10-22 Owner
haproxy-team Member [private team]
insights.u.c authors Member Landscape Blog Editors, [private team]
latch-hackers Member Landscape, [private team]
txAMQP Team 2016-10-21 Member Not subscribed
txAMQP-dev Member txAMQP Team Not subscribed
txAMQP-user Member txAMQP-dev, txAMQP Team Not subscribed
txAWS Committers 2009-11-22 Member Not subscribed
txAWS Technical List Member txAWS Committers Not subscribed
txCumulus Devs 2010-04-08 Member
txStatsD Developers Member Landscape, [private team]