Maintained Packages

149 of 49 results
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
patchelf Debian Sid 0.12-1 None
patchelf Ubuntu Focal 0.10-2build1 None
genius Debian Sid 1.0.25-2 None
wl-clipboard Debian Sid 2.0.0-1 None
genius Ubuntu Eoan 1.0.24-2build2 None
znc-backlog Ubuntu Eoan 0.20180824-1build7 None
patchelf Debian Experimental 0.10-1 None
znc-backlog Ubuntu Disco 0.20180824-1build2 None
genius Ubuntu Disco 1.0.24-2build1 None
znc-backlog Debian Sid 0.20180824-1 None
genius Ubuntu Cosmic 1.0.23-3build1 None
python-docker Debian Experimental 3.2.1-1 None
docker-compose Debian Experimental 1.21.0-1 None
docker-compose Debian Sid 1.17.1-2 None
genius Ubuntu Bionic 1.0.23-2build1 None
python-docker Debian Sid 2.5.1-1 None
genius Debian Experimental 1.0.23-1 None
docker-compose Ubuntu Xenial 1.8.0-2~16.04.1 None
docker-compose Ubuntu Yakkety 1.8.0-2~16.10.1 None
python-docker Ubuntu Yakkety 1.9.0-1~16.10.1 None
python-docker Ubuntu Xenial 1.9.0-1~16.04.1 None
genius Ubuntu Yakkety 1.0.21-1build1 None
fig Debian Sid 1.0.0-2 None
qutecsound Ubuntu Natty 0.6.0-1 None
qutecsound Debian Sid 0.6.0-1 None
qutecsound Debian Experimental 0.6.0~beta-1 None
qutecsound Debian Squeeze 0.5.0-1 None
checkinstall Debian Squeeze 1.6.2-1 None
qutecsound Ubuntu Maverick 0.5.0-1 None
checkinstall Ubuntu Maverick 1.6.2-1 None
csound Debian Sid 1:5.11.1~dfsg-4 None
checkinstall Ubuntu Lucid 1.6.1-10 None
qutecsound Ubuntu Lucid 0.4.3-1 None
csound Debian Squeeze 1:5.11.1~dfsg-2 None
checkinstall Debian Sid 1.6.1-10 None
checkinstall Ubuntu Karmic 1.6.1-8ubuntu1 None
csound-manual Debian Squeeze 1:5.10~dfsg-2 None
cmt Debian Squeeze 1.16-1 None
csound-manual Ubuntu Karmic 1:5.10~dfsg-2 None
cmt Ubuntu Karmic 1.16-1 None
checkinstall Ubuntu Jaunty 1.6.1-8 None
csound Ubuntu Jaunty 1:5.08.2~dfsg-1.1 None
csound Debian Lenny 1:5.08.0.dfsg2-8+lenny2 None
checkinstall Debian Lenny 1.6.1-8 None
csound Ubuntu Intrepid 1:5.08.0.dfsg2-8 hppa
csound Ubuntu Hardy 1:5.08.0.dfsg2-1ubuntu2 hppa
checkinstall Ubuntu Feisty 1.6.1-1ubuntu1 ia64 amd64
checkinstall Ubuntu Dapper 1.6.0-2ubuntu1~dapper1 None
checkinstall Ubuntu Edgy 1.6.0-2ubuntu1 None
149 of 49 results