Team participation for Nathan Osman

Nathan Osman is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
2buntu-ops 2012-02-19 Member 2012-11-30 Admin
Amiths Web Blog 2011-08-11 Member
Ask Ubuntu Troubleshooter Developers 2013-01-12 Owner Tools 2011-03-22 Admin
Chromify-OSD Developers 2011-01-07 Member
Cross-compiled Windows Packages 2012-08-15 Owner Subscribed
FLIF Developers 2016-10-10 Owner
FlackBot Development Team 2012-02-14 Owner
Hectane Maintainers 2015-10-02 Owner
Juju GUI Developers 2011-12-05 Owner
Launcher List Indicator 2016-09-04 Admin
Launchpad Beta Testers 2011-11-24 Member
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members
Stack.PHP Development Team 2010-09-07 Owner
StackApplet Bug Managers 2012-07-18 Owner
StackApplet Development Team 2010-08-05 Owner Subscribed
Ubuntu Canada 2013-01-12 Member
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Ubuntu Canada
Ubuntu Members 2015-07-02 Member
Ubuntu Phone 2014-09-24 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu cloaked people on freenode 2015-07-06 Member
Udisks Indicator 2016-09-28 Admin
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance 2011-11-01 Member
so++ Main Development Team 2010-05-27 Owner Subscribed
unity-dev discussion list 2010-10-10 Member Not subscribed