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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
cron Debian Sid 3.0pl1-180 None
qr-tools Debian Sid 2.1~bzr52-1 None
units-filter Debian Sid 4.2.1-1 None
folium Debian Sid 0.15.0+dfsg-1 None
clonezilla Debian Sid 5.5.16-1 None
branca Debian Sid 0.7.0-1 None
screenruler Debian Sid 1.2.1-1 None
python-reportlab Debian Sid 4.0.7-1 None
pycode-browser Debian Sid 1:1.03-2 None
m2l-pyqt Debian Sid 1.8.2-1 None

PPA packages

7 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
furo git-ubuntu - Ubuntu Jammy 2023.05.20+dfsg-2~ubuntu22.04.1 None
furo git-ubuntu - Ubuntu Kinetic 2023.05.20+dfsg-2~ubuntu22.10.1 None
fritzing-parts Fritzing - Ubuntu Wily 0.9.2b+dfsg-2~ppa1~wily1 None
fritzing-parts Fritzing - Ubuntu Vivid 0.9.2b+dfsg-2~ppa1~vivid1 None
fritzing-parts Fritzing - Ubuntu Trusty 0.9.2b+dfsg-2~ppa1~trusty1 None
fritzing-parts Fritzing - Ubuntu Precise 0.9.2b+dfsg-2~ppa1~precise1 None
optgeo PPA named experimental for Mahyuddin Susanto - Ubuntu Precise 2.10a-1 None