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chntpw (1.0-1~ubuntu14.04.1~ppa1) trusty; urgency=medium

  * No-change backport to trusty

chntpw (1.0-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * Update to latest upstream release, published in 2014-02-01
  * debian/rules: Provide also the other binaries built in the sources:
    reged (Simple Registry Edit Utility for Windows registry hives),
    sampasswd (SAM database, add or remove user in a group),
    samusrgrp (SAM database, add or remove user in a group)
  * debian/samusrgrp.8 debian/reged.8 debian/sampasswd.8: Write manpages
    for all of the other programs built and included now in the package
  * debian/chntpw.8: Update the manpage contents based on the program's
     current -h output.
  * debian/patches/01_port_to_gcrypt.patch:
        Update patch since in this release upstream author uses a new define
        (DOCRYPTO) that enables cryptographic code.  This code, that enabled
        users to change the password, is not enabled by default anymore since
        it does not work with Windows XP (and later) systems.
  * debian/patches/11_improve_documentation:
        Add a new patch to improve the English (by a non-native speaker
        oh! the irony!) of the HISTORY.txt and MANUAL.txt files, fixing
        grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as some typos.
  * debian/changelog: Fix typo and add reference to Ubuntu closed bug
  * debian/control:
      - Require debhelp version 5, as per debian/compat
  * debian/rules:
      - Update definitions to adapt to this version and upstream's numbering
  * Lintian fixes:
      - Remove statically compiled files from sources (Fixes: source-is-missing)
      - debian/copyright: point to the versioned license files, not the
        symlinks since the source does not allow the use of later GPL
        versions (Fixes: copyright-refers-to-versionless-license-file)
      - debian/chntpw.8: Fix manpage error (Fixes:
      - debian/rules:
            + Added missing targets build-indep and build-arch (fixes:
            + Include provided by dpkg-dev (fixes:
      - debian/control:
          + Added  ${misc:Depends} (fixes: debhelper-but-no-misc-depends)
          + Use UTF-8 version of maintainer's second surname (i.e. 'ñ' instead
          of 'n~') this prevents tools from thinking the uploads are a NMU
          when they are not (fixes: changelog-should-mention-nmu)
          + Update Standards Version to 3.9.5, no changes needed (fixes:
      - debian/docs: Remove HISTORY.txt, it is included as a changelog already
        (fixes: duplicate-changelog-files)

 -- Graham Inggs <email address hidden>  Fri, 06 Nov 2015 13:46:23 +0200

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