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This project introduces document oriented concepts into gnome, and improves gnome's respect for Fitts's law. Most GTK applications works fine with Global Menu.

There are several advantages by adopting a shared global menu bar in Gnome (thanks Matthew for organizing these):

    * It works better with narrow windows, because the width of the menus isn't limited to the width of the window. (This is a problem for Gimp and Inkscape especially.)
    * It's less confusing -- when two menu bars are visible on-screen at once, sometimes people choose the wrong one.
    * Global Menu is the first step to move toward a Document Centric Desktop Environment which is, believed by us, the trend of DEs.

Project Layout

    * libgmarkupdoc: A simple tree representation for XML document, and also a simple parser based on GMarkup, a subset of XML.
          o provides views of the widget trees on DBus (org.gnome.GlobalMenu.Document);
          o and via a TreeView.
          o provides facilities to remotely access a document that is exposed on DBus.
    * libgnomenu-gtk: (known as libgnomenu)
          o provides a menubar widget to display the menubar of any toplevel window.
          o the DBus interface org.gnome.GlobalMenu.Client and org.gnome.GlobalMenu.Server
    * libgnomenu-qt:
          o with the XML and DBus facility in QT, a rewriting of libgnomenu and libgmarkupdoc.
          o not done yet.
    * libglobalmenu-gnome: gtk-module that give GTK the ability to use globalmenu.
          o patches gtk dynamically;
          o introspecting menu related gtk widgets to a libgmarkupdoc document.
          o then expose it and create a Gnomenu.Client.
    * libnativemenu-osx: gtk-module that give GTK the ability to use the nativemenu on OSX.
          o not done yet. Calling for an OSX guru to join the project and finish this part.
    * qt4-globalmenu: qt4 module or patched qt that creates global menu ??????

    * GlobalMenu.PanelApplet: Global Menu Panel Applet, the panel applet for displaying menu bars.
    * org.gnome.GlobalMenu.Server: A dbus service that provides a lookup-table from toplevel window to the location of the DBus view to the widget tree.
    * (deprecated) gtk2-aqd: No more patch to GTK is needed. A patch to gtk2 was used to make use of libgnomenu for GtkMenuBar applications.

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