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* SSH options (could be fundamental for some enterprise/PA users) * Client flags (including compression) * Connection timeout (client side; must be implemented) * Auto-reconnect (must be implemented)
File Operations for stk-c
Operations on file: * execute more than 1 file with 1 command (example: stkc --exec-file 1.sql 2.sql 3.sql) * ability to precompile a file (replace Macros) but dont exec it
Brainstorming for inf4-p2p
* Design protocol to discover new nodes. * Use of rendez-vous nodes * Use of encryption
* stkc --explain query executes: EXPLAIN EXTENDED query; SHOW WARNINGS; * stkc --profile query executes: SET PROFILE = ON; query SHOW FULL PROFILE; * stkc --benchmark <num> query executes query <num> times * stkc --server-info * stkc --client-info
Connections for stk-c
This is the foundation for all STKC functionalities. Needed features: * Save connection into conf file * Close last opened connection, if any; Read and open connection from conf file * Close connection * Delete connection * Modify connection Connections have the following properties: * Name * Hostname/IP (default:...

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