Greywhind is the chief developer of StressFracture, an open-source top-down shooter.

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Firing in StressFracture for StressFracture
Firing needs to be made possible. This will be required for the collision detection code to be written, and it needs to allow both straight and curved trajectories (bouncing?), with unlimited numbers of bullets in the air at one time. It has to be synced across the network.
Collision Detection for StressFracture
Once maps can be loaded, a fast collision detection routine will be necessary. This should allow players, bullets, and walls to be quickly checked for collisions with each other.
Map Loading Routines for StressFracture
StressFracture needs to be able to load its maps once they are created, and then sync the results across the network. This will consist of a server-side command to the clients to load a certain map and the clients responding by loading the resources into memory, then starting the map. This also involves a clean-up r...
Syncing Players Over Network for StressFracture
Code needs to be written to sync the numbers, names, positions, textures, health, guns, etc. of players over the network, both to new players and (for those aspects that are necessary) every frame to already joined players.

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