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grilo-0.1-plugins (0.1.16-1~maverick) maverick; urgency=low

  * General: do not install test programs, fixed gdata flags for
    libgdata >= 0.7, missed configuration keys are not warnings any more,
    small fixes in build system, use the new cancellation API
  * Fake Metadata plugin: updated for latest changes in core
  * Filesystem plugin: do not replace already existant identifiers
  * Jamendo plugin: small fixes, fixed feed identifier
  * Podcasts plugin: several fixes, included thumbnail in podcasts,
    made cache time configurable
  * Shoutcast plugin: do not use deprecated functions
  * Tracker plugin: fixed registering keys when re-loading the plugin
  * Vimeo plugin: handled wrong dates
  * Youtube plugin: fixed BGO#650679 - Youtube plugin shouldn't load the,
    categories on start, added quvi supported
 -- <email address hidden> (Juan A. Suarez Romero)   Mon, 01 Aug 2011 09:20:58 +0200

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