Guiodic (Guido Iodice)

Lucid quasi-rolling (unmantained)

PPA description

Upgrades and new packages for Ubuntu Lucid.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:guido-iodice/guiodiclucid
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

On Synaptic see "New in archive" for newest packages not included in Lucid.

For Abiword and Gnumeric updates:

For Linux kernel updates:

Gstreamer repository (strongly suggested):


Questo repository contiene aggiornamenti e nuovi pacchetti per Ubuntu Lucid

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:guido-iodice/guiodiclucid
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

Per i pacchetti non inclusi in Lucid: su Synaptic guardate nella sezione "nuovo nell'archivio" dopo aver aggiunto il repository

Per gli aggiornamenti di Abiword e Gnumeric:

Aggiornamenti Kernel Linux:

Repository gstreamer molto consigliato:

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:guido-iodice/guiodiclucid to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

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This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

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1024R/666270B8 (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact Guiodic (Guido Iodice).

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Overview of published packages

175 of 725 results
Package Version Uploaded by
2mandvd 1.5.3-1~lffl~lucid~ppa Ferramosca Roberto (2011-02-25)
abiword 2.8.6-0ubuntu1 Lionel Le Folgoc (2010-07-09)
activity-log-manager 0.8.0-0ubuntu1~ppa2~lucid Siegfried Gevatter (2011-11-28)
adium-theme-ubuntu 0.3-0ubuntu1 Ken VanDine (2010-08-13)
ailurus 10.07.8-0lucid1 Homer Xing (2010-08-02)
allegro4.4 2: Szymon Weihs (2011-03-05)
amsn 0.98.4+r9944-0~lucid1 Stéphane Marguet (2010-12-27)
amsn-extra-plugins 0.98.3+r922-0~lucid1 Stéphane Marguet (2010-12-12)
amsn-extra-skins 1-6~llamsn1 Stéphane Marguet (2010-12-12)
apparmor 2.6.0-0ubuntu1~guiodic0 Guiodic (Guido Iodice) (2011-03-04)
apt-xapian-index 0.38ubuntu1 Michael Vogt (2010-08-13)
aptdaemon 0.31+bzr474-0ubuntu1 Michael Vogt (2010-08-25)
aqemu 0.8.1-1~0guiodic0 Guiodic (Guido Iodice) (2011-01-02)
arista 0.9.6-0ubuntu1~ppa1 Jacob Zimmermann (2011-01-14)
asunder 2.1-1~lffl~lucid~ppa Ferramosca Roberto (2011-02-25)
audacious 2.5.3-1~webupd8~lucid Alin Andrei (2011-11-09)
audacious-plugins 2.5.3-1~webupd8~lucid Alin Andrei (2011-11-09)
audacity 1.3.12+svn20110226+r6615-0~lucid1 Audacity Team (2011-02-27)
auteur 0.1a7~lucid1 Neil Wallace (2011-02-09)
autopano-sift-c 2.5.1-0ubuntu2~lucid Philipp Seidel (2011-02-14)
avidemux 1:2.5.4-0ubuntu6 Alessio Treglia (2011-01-17)
awn-applet-dockbarx 0.40-1~webupd8~lucid Alin Andrei (2010-11-19)
awn-applet-radio 0.10-1~webupd8~lucid Alin Andrei (2011-04-06)
awn-applet-wm 0.8-0~webupd8~lucid Alin Andrei (2011-04-06)
backintime-common 1.0.8~lucid Dan (2011-12-01)
backintime-gnome 1.0.8~lucid Dan (2011-12-01)
backintime-kde4 1.0.8~lucid Dan (2011-12-01)
bamf 0.2.76-0ubuntu1~10.10~ricotz1 Rico Tzschichholz (2011-02-10)
banshee 2.0.0+git20110405.r1.e006929-0ubuntu1+lucid Chow Loong Jin (2011-04-06)
banshee-community-extensions 2.0.0+git20110405.r1.a7c1596-0ubuntu1+lucid Chow Loong Jin (2011-04-06)
bareftp 0.3.7-1 no signer (2010-11-24)
bashare 0.5.0-1 Guiodic (Guido Iodice) (2010-03-23)
bleachbit 0.8.0-1 no signer (2010-07-26)
blender 2.57.0+svn36170~lucid1 Ralf Hölzemer (2011-04-15)
blogtk 2.1~bzr114-0~lucid3 Daniel Baumann (2011-03-15)
bluebird-gtk-theme 0.3.2-2~webupd8~lucid Alin Andrei (2011-11-28)
bluefish 2.0.1-1~baudm1 Darwin Bautista (2010-09-15)
bmpanel2 2.1.0~git20110304-1ppa1~lucid1 Alex_P (2011-03-25)
bmpanel2cfg 2.1.0~git20100711-1ppa1~lucid1 Alex_P (2011-03-25)
bombono-dvd 1.2.0~bzr315~lucid1 Leon Nardella (2011-12-05)
boost1.42 1.42.0-4ubuntu2 Andrew Mitchell (2010-11-05)
boost1.46 1.46.1-7ubuntu3~lucid2 Rico Tzschichholz (2013-04-09)
brasero 2.31.2-0renbag2 Renzo Bagnati (2010-08-24)
caffeine 2.2+364~lucid1 Caffeine Developers (2011-12-19)
cairo 1.10.0-1~backport1 Cafuego (2011-12-20)
cairo-dock 2.3.0~1-1ubuntu1~lucid Matthieu Baerts (2011-04-19)
cairo-dock-plug-ins 2.3.0~1-1ubuntu1~lucid Matthieu Baerts (2011-04-19)
cairo-menu 1.0-17 QB89Dragon (2011-02-25)
camcardsync 0.1.1-1blackfiveimaging1~lucid Alastair M. Robinson (2010-12-31)
cardapio 0.9.200-0recipe884-unstable~cardapioteam~lucid1 Thiago Teixeira (2012-10-24)
cardapio-awn 0.9.192-ubuntu1-lucid1 Thiago Teixeira (2011-11-09)
cardapio-docky 0.9.192-ubuntu1-lucid1 Thiago Teixeira (2011-11-09)
cardapio-gnomepanel 0.9.192-ubuntu1-lucid1 Thiago Teixeira (2011-11-09)
cardapio-gnomeshell 0.9.193-ubuntu1-lucid1 Thiago Teixeira (2011-11-09)
cdbs 0.4.83ubuntu1~webupd8~lucid Alin Andrei (2011-02-18)
cdemu-client 1.3.0-0ubuntu1 Henrik S. (2010-09-27)
cdemu-daemon 1.3.0-0ubuntu1 Henrik S. (2010-09-27)
cdrdao 1:1.2.3-0renbag2 Renzo Bagnati (2010-08-24)
cdrtools 10:3.00-1~lffl~lucid~ppa Ferramosca Roberto (2010-10-27)
chromium-browser-libpdf 13.0-chrome~guinness1 Tom Ellis (2011-12-05)
cifs-utils 2:4.5-2~lucid1 Alessandro Bono (2011-01-15)
clamtk 4.29-1~ppa10.04+1 Nicolas DERIVE (2011-02-26)
clementine 0.7.3-510-g1fb17a7~lucid David Sansome (2011-12-05)
cli-common 0.8~xamarin1~dhx3~lucid1 directhex (2011-11-14)
clipit 1.4.0-1ppa1lucid2 Cristian Henzel (2011-05-27)
cloudsn 0.8.4 perriman (2010-12-30)
clucene-core Rico Tzschichholz (2013-04-09)
clutter-gst-1.0 1.2.0-0ppa1lucid1 Nate Stedman (2010-11-06)
clutter-sharp 1.0.0~alpha3~git20090817.r1.349dba6-1~lucid1 Chow Loong Jin (2011-02-21)
cmyktool 0.1.5-1blackfiveimaging1~lucid Alastair M. Robinson (2010-12-31)
compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported 0.8.4-0ubuntu1~ppakk1 Nick B. (2010-03-25)
connman 0.59-0ubuntu1~ind1+r2590+201009151919 Bob The Builder (2010-09-16)
converseen 0.4.7-2~lucid~ppa1 Francesco Mondello (2011-12-20)
conversor-multimidia 1.0-6.1~lffl~lucid~ppa Ferramosca Roberto (2011-02-25)
couchdb-glib 0.6.96-0ubuntu1~lucid1 Rodney Dawes (2011-04-06)
175 of 725 results

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