Bunch of Hackers from Mauritius bent on making Ubuntu Linux better.

Events: We organize Hackathons from Mauritius.
Our members are:
Core team:

    Pirabarlen Cheenaramen
    Loganaden Velvindron
    Nitin J Mutkawoa
    Codarren Velvindron
    Anoop Seburuth

Honorary Members:

    Avinash Meetoo

Probation Members:

    Deelvesh Bunjun
    Yashvi Paupiah
    Akhil Maulloo
    Sheik Meeran Ashmith Kifah
    Hervesh Lallbahadur

Pending Review

    Rahul Golam

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Pirabarlen Cheenaramen ( Selven )
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mail hackers.mu@lists.launchpad.net
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