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The idea is to separate all effect scripts (apart from "appear") from the core script and register them in an effects dictionary (key = name of effect, value = function object). In this way, external developers could create their own effects without changing the core JessyInk script. For this purpose, a separate Ink...
I think it would be good to reorganise the documentation and split it up into four parts: *) A user manual (docbook) *) Developer manual (docbook and jsdoc) *) Howtos (either in docbook or jessyink-svg) *) Showcase files (jessyink-svg) The user manual should pretty much cover everything JessyInk can do. The develo...
The name of the slide should be set as the title of the page in the browser. Thanks to Jos Hirth for this suggestion.
wxGUI for MoGraSo for MoGraSo
A GUI for MoGraSo based on wxWidgets.

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