Plank & Gala

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Plank and gala builds
Perfect if you don't need elementary ppa.
Icon-zoom available with plank

Note: You can change plank settings with 'plank --preferences'.
Plank takes themes from ~/.local/share/plank/themes.

Changes for gala:
Disabled notification styling, some plugins, and overkill shadows and animations

Packages names: libplank-common, libplank-dev, libplank-doc, libplank1, libplank1-dbg, plank, plank-dbg, gala, gala-dbg, libgala-dev, libgala0, dh-meson

# Donation

Consider making a donation, if you like what I doing.
I working remotely and income is unstable, so every little bit helps.

Also it would be nice if you provide, a note on `<email address hidden>` after making a donation with information what you like and what you want to improve. So, I would consider giving more time and support to particular project.

I also open to reasonable work offers, especially if offer would be close to a field or project I work with.

## E-money & Fiat

### Yandex Money
Donation on Yandex Money:
### Advanced Cash
Open and use `<email address hidden>` in `Specify the recipient's wallet or e-mail` field
### PayPal
Donation with PayPal:
### Payeer
Donation with Payeer: On use `P2865115` in `Account, e-mail or phone number` field

## Cryptocurrency

### Bitcoin
Address is `1N5czHaoSLukFSTq2ZJujaWGjkmBxv2dT9`
### Musicoin
Address is `0xf449f8c17a056e9bfbefe39637c38806246cb2c9`
### Ethereum
Address is `0x23459a89eAc054bdAC1c13eB5cCb39F42574C26a`
### Other
I could provide you with some relatively cheap "hardware" donation options directly to my PO Box, if you prefer real gifts. Ask for details on `<email address hidden>`

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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:hda-me/plank
sudo apt-get update
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4096R/22C31DDB9DAE29B3BCE6EC1F1F5EB010C5341279 (What is this?)


For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact hda_launchpad.

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Overview of published packages

17 of 7 results
Package Version Uploaded by
dh-meson 1.0-1-ppa9 hda_launchpad (2018-11-22)
gala 0.3.2-2-ppa9 hda_launchpad (2018-11-24)
gala 0.3.0-1-ppa9 hda_launchpad (2018-11-24)
granite 5.2.1+r1321+pkg102~daily~ubuntu5.0.1 Cody Garver (2018-11-23)
granite 0.5+r1158+pkg92~daily~ubuntu0.4.1.1 elementary OS team (2018-11-23)
plank 0.11.7-8-ppa9~xenial hda_launchpad (2018-11-22)
plank 0.11.7-8-ppa9~bionic hda_launchpad (2018-11-22)
17 of 7 results

Latest updates

  • gala 39 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • gala 39 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • granite 39 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • granite 39 weeks ago
    Successfully built
  • dh-meson 39 weeks ago
    Successfully built