Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
debian-handbook Debian Sid 11.20220922 None
gnome-shell-timer Debian Sid 3.38.0-1 None
logidee-tools Debian Sid 1.2.19 None
cpputest Debian Sid 4.0-2 None
dh-linktree Debian Sid 0.7 None
publican Debian Sid 4.3.2-3 None
ftplib Debian Sid 4.0-1-4 None
publican-debian Debian Sid 0.4 None
ftplib Debian Experimental 4.0-1-1 None
debian-handbook Debian Jessie 8.20151209~deb8u1 None
debian-handbook Debian Wheezy 7.20140126~deb7u1 None
galette Debian Sid None
sql-ledger Debian Sid 3.0.5-1 None
cpputest Debian Experimental 3.3-1 None
tcpdf Debian Sid 6.0.010+dfsg-1 None
nautilus-dropbox Debian Sid 1.4.0-3 None
smarty-validate Debian Sid 3.0.3-1 None
smarty-gettext Debian Sid 1.0b1-5 None
ftplib Ubuntu Precise 3.1-1-9build1 None
feed2omb Debian Sid 0.9.2-1 None
nautilus-dropbox Ubuntu Precise 0.7.1-1build1 None
gnome-shell-timer Debian Experimental 0.0.20111129+git3cc7fdc-1 None
gnome-shell-timer Ubuntu Precise 0.0.20110906+git52b8067-1 None
nautilus-dropbox Debian Experimental 0.6.9-1+gnome3 None
ftplib Ubuntu Oneiric 3.1-1-9 None
nautilus-dropbox Ubuntu Oneiric 0.6.7-2 None
sql-ledger Ubuntu Oneiric 2.8.33-1 None
feed2omb Ubuntu Oneiric 0.9.1-1 None
sql-ledger Ubuntu Natty 2.8.32-1 None
feed2omb Ubuntu Natty 0.9-1 None
sql-ledger Ubuntu Maverick 2.8.30-1 None
sql-ledger Ubuntu Lucid 2.8.28-1 None
smarty-validate Ubuntu Lucid 2.9-2 None
smarty-gettext Ubuntu Lucid 1.0b1-4 None
sql-ledger Debian Squeeze 2.8.27-1 None
logidee-tools Debian Squeeze 1.2.11 None
ftplib Debian Squeeze 3.1-1-8 None
logidee-tools Ubuntu Lucid 1.2.11 None
ftplib Ubuntu Lucid 3.1-1-8 None
smarty-gettext Debian Squeeze 1.0b1-3 None
smarty-gettext Ubuntu Karmic 1.0b1-3 None
sql-ledger Ubuntu Karmic 2.8.24-1 None
sql-ledger Ubuntu Jaunty 2.8.18-1 None
sql-ledger Debian Lenny 2.8.16-1 None
logidee-tools Debian Lenny 1.2.10 None
dpkg-ftp Debian Lenny 1.6.12 None
sql-ledger Ubuntu Intrepid 2.8.15-1 None
logidee-tools Ubuntu Intrepid 1.2.10 None
libdbd-mysql-perl Ubuntu Hardy 4.005-1 None
libcarp-datum-perl Ubuntu Hardy 1:0.1.3-4 None
libdbd-pg-perl Ubuntu Gutsy 1.49-2build1 None
liblocale-gettext-perl Ubuntu Gutsy 1.05-1build1 None
libdbd-mysql-perl Ubuntu Gutsy 4.004-2 None
libdbd-mysql-perl Ubuntu Feisty 3.0008-1build1 None
libdbd-pg-perl Ubuntu Feisty 1.49-2 None
dpkg-ftp Ubuntu Feisty 1.6.12 None
acpi-support Ubuntu Feisty 0.90-2 None
libdbd-mysql-perl Ubuntu Edgy 3.0006-1 None
acpi-support Ubuntu Edgy 0.84-1 None
libdbd-pg-perl Ubuntu Edgy 1.49-1 None
libdbd-mysql-perl Ubuntu Dapper 3.0002-2build1 None
logidee-tools Ubuntu Dapper 1.2.7 None
libxml-mini-perl Ubuntu Dapper 1.2.8-3 None
libdbd-pg-perl Ubuntu Dapper 1.43-1 None
libcarp-datum-perl Ubuntu Dapper 1:0.1.3-2 None
dpkg-ftp Ubuntu Dapper 1.6.11 None
libxml-mini-perl Ubuntu Breezy 1.2.8-2 None
liblocale-gettext-perl Ubuntu Breezy 1.05-1 None
libdbd-pg-perl Ubuntu Breezy 1.42-2 None
libdbd-mysql-perl Ubuntu Breezy 2.9007-1 None
libdbd-pg-perl Ubuntu Hoary 1.32-2 None
libdbd-mysql-perl Ubuntu Hoary 2.9003-3 None
debian-cd Ubuntu Hoary 2.2.20 None
logidee-tools Ubuntu Warty 1.2.4-2 None
libxml-mini-perl Ubuntu Warty 1.2.8-1 None
175 of 83 results