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My name is Harsh Singh. I switched to Ubuntu when I saw Compiz Fusion on youtube. I was quite stunned by all the features. So, being a person that loves eyecandy, I decided to get ubuntu. Although I had a rough start due to many technical issues, I installed ubuntu with compiz fusion! Then, I learned about git in compiz fusion. This led me further in the 'rabbit hole' as the saying goes! Currently I am running Hardy Heron with SSH, FTP,and LAMP. I have become an expert I installing Compiz fusion from git.

I currently learning how the Internet works and so forth. I plan on learning XHTML, PHP, and MySQL. I want to learn how to perform syncs and merges. I am also learning fixing bugs Ultimately, I want to become an ubuntu member for now. In terms of Compiz, I want to make a all in one script that gets everything from the fusion git repositories and compiles it for you in one command. Something like the makefusion script. In terms of IRC, I want to construct my own IRC bot. I want to become a member of #ubuntuforums-unanswered and #ubuntuforums-beginners. Also, I would like to build up my reputation on #ubuntu.

As of long term goals:
I want to be able to program scripts in perl or other languages that do useful things. I want to make many amazing features in Compiz Fusion and be part of the developing society. I want to become a strong developer in ubuntu.

Helpful people that deserve a 'hats off'
I would like to thank many people that helped me learn and setup my own ssh,ftp, and LAMP server.

First and foremost I would like to thank: Nathan Handler * Nathan was the one that introduced me to the 'real' ubuntu. He showed me the features beyond Compiz and games. He introduced me to SSH and many of the terminology that comes with ubuntu (Terminal for example) * So without further adu, Hats off to Nathan Handler : nhandler on IRC.

I have received a lot of information from IRC. There are many I wish to thank, here are the ones that come up in my mind.
* Starnestommy: - the over all guide to Ubuntu, If you got a question, ask this guy! You will get help fast :)
* tj83: - Amazing skillz when it comes to ssh.
* Jack_Sparrow: - Sometimes a very strict admin, this guy know everything! (but be careful on how you ask it) :P
* PCcertified: - over all genius like Starnestommy!
+many more


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