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hockeypuck (1.0~rc1~bzr287~raring) raring; urgency=low

  [ Casey Marshall ]
  * Opening 1.0~rc1 development.
  * doc/, doc/stories/community.txt, doc/stories/doc.txt,
    doc/stories/install-tarball.txt, doc/stories/install-ubuntu.txt,
    - Documentation improvements.
    - Fix crossbuild script.
  * doc/stories/doc.txt, doc/stories/pre-populating.txt:
    - Add page on pre-populating Hockeypuck.
  * openpgp/responses.go, openpgp/schema.go, openpgp/sort.go:
    - Use ShortId() instead of fingerprint slice, as v3 keys do not have
      the same length fingerprint.
    - Add indexes on pubkey_uuid for subkey, uid and uat tables.
    - Check for nil selfSignature when sorting uids.
  * openpgp/io.go, openpgp/types.go:
    - Fix state flag values, remove unnecessary validation method.
  * openpgp/worker.go:
    - Support subkey fingerprint search w/PostgreSQL backend.
      LP: #1234774
  * hkp/requests.go, openpgp/add.go, openpgp/index.go,
    openpgp/pubkey.go, openpgp/resolve_test.go, openpgp/responses.go,
    openpgp/signature.go, openpgp/sort.go, openpgp/subkey.go,
    openpgp/userattribute.go, openpgp/userid.go, openpgp/worker.go:
    - SKS-like index & vindex search results page. LP: #1234771
    - Set signature expiration when linking self sigs.
    - Update signature expiration on merge.
  * === added directory doc/files, doc/, doc/files/gohkp.png,
    renamed directory doc/stories => doc/pages:
    - Revised & restructured documentation.
  * doc/Makefile, doc/, doc/pages/index.txt, doc/pages/install-
    source.txt, doc/pages/install-ubuntu.txt, doc/pages/pre-
    - Revised documentation, add doc deploy
  * cmd/hockeypuck/run.go, hkp/templates.go,
    openpgp/index.go, === removed directory
    instroot/var/lib/hockeypuck/www/templates, router.go:
    - Moved templates into string constants. Make webroot optional for
      CSS and fonts, but not essential to running the service.
  * instroot/usr/share/man/man1/hockeypuck.1:
    - Update man page to match new subcommand CLI.
  * cmd/hockeypuck/delete.go, cmd/hockeypuck/load.go,
    cmd/hockeypuck/main.go, dependencies.tsv, Makefile, openpgp/add.go,
    openpgp/db.go, openpgp/io_test.go, openpgp/loader.go,
    openpgp/merge.go, openpgp/merge_test.go:
    - Fixed a defect in MergeKey where signatures were not merged.
    - Added 'hockeypuck delete' subcommand.
    - Using godeps to freeze dependencies.
    - Insert if not exists for non-bulk loading key inserts.
  * === added directory charms:
    - Add juju charms for hockeypuck & sks. LP: #1233812
 -- Casey Marshall <email address hidden>   Fri, 04 Oct 2013 15:15:24 -0500

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