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Currently, images list API only support strictly string match query. For example, images list support query by name, if the name support regular expression match. Maybe it's more convenient and valuable for the user. Especially for the user uses the glance to store snapshot or instance backup, the image maybe have ...
Add dynamic adjust disk qos support for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Currently, OpenStack has support set the disk's QoS when creating Instance or attaching volume to instance. The related blueprints is [1] and [2]. However, we have no method to dynamic adjust the disk's QoS during the instance is running or without detaching the volume. The implementation of [1] and [2] is based ...
Sometimes we need to attach/detach host's or PC's CD-ROM device to a running instance. Base on this feature, user needn't to convert CD-ROM disk to ISO file or copy the content of CD-ROM disk into the instance. The feature makes administrator's maintenance more convenient.

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