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moneyguru (2.11.0-ubuntu1~zesty) zesty; urgency=low

  * Avoid duplicate logging to both stderr and NSLog. [cocoa] (#476)
  * Improve build process on Mac OS. [cocoa] (#474)
  * Fixed year handling in macOS date formats. [cocoa] (#477)
  * Fixed currency fetching for ranges greater than 30 days. (#479)
  * Add an option to enter date elements from left to right instead of the  default d -> m -> y order. (#480)
  * Fix crash during pane drag & drop. [qt]
  * Fix Bank of Canada currency fetching. It was broken.
  * Fix quirks with edition mode during transaction addition. [qt]
  * Add UTF-16 support to CSV imports. (#486)
  * Improve autofill by allowing it to autofill more often.
  * Improve build process.

 -- Virgil Dupras <email address hidden>  Wed, 23 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0000

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