Team participation for OpenStack Infra

OpenStack Infra is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Expires Role Via Mailing List
(deprecated) OpenStack PPA maintainers 2012-02-27 Member
Aodh Drivers 2015-09-07 Member
App Catalog Bug Team 2016-08-08 Member
Arc Bugs 2015-12-09 Member
Burrow Member Burrow Core Team
Burrow Bug Team Member Burrow Core Team
Burrow Core Team 2011-02-23 Member
Ceilometer Bugs 2013-07-12 Member
Cinder Member Cinder Bug Team
Cinder Bug Team 2012-08-09 Member
Citrix OpenStack development team 2016-01-06 Member
CloudKitty bugs 2015-10-19 Member
Compute Hyper-V Bugs 2019-08-28 Member
Custodian Bugs 2015-12-08 Member
Designate Core 2012-11-06 Member
Designate Drivers Member Designate Core
Designate PPAs Member Designate Core
Diskimage builder core team 2017-05-17 Member
Elektra Bugs 2015-12-16 Member
Fuel All (deprecated) Member Fuel Bugs
Fuel Bugs 2013-11-06 Member
Fuel Plugin XenServer Core Member Citrix OpenStack development team
Fuel Plugin XenServer Release Member Citrix OpenStack development team
Git-Review bug supervisors 2012-12-21 Member
Glare Bug Team 2016-08-08 Member
Gluon Bug Handling Team 2016-06-24 Member
Gnocchi Drivers 2015-09-04 Member
Goslo-Policy Bugs 2015-12-09 Member
Heat Bugs 2013-01-21 Member
Horizon Bugs 2012-03-14 Member
IoTronic bugs 2016-02-26 Member
IoTronic drivers Member IoTronic bugs
Ironic Bugs Team 2013-05-14 Member
Keystone Bugs 2012-03-14 Member
Kuryr Bugs 2017-07-31 Member
LBaaS Dashboard Bugs Member Neutron Bugs
LMA-Toolchain Fuel Plugins 2015-11-24 Member
Magnum Bug Supervisors 2015-10-07 Member
Manila Member Manila Bug Supervisors
Manila Bug Supervisors 2014-10-20 Member
Manila UI Bug Supervisors Member Manila Bug Supervisors
Melange bug team 2012-03-14 Member
MidoNet Bugs 2015-12-01 Member
Mix and Match Bugs 2016-10-31 Member
Mogan Drivers 2016-09-07 Member
Monsoon Automation Bugs 2015-12-15 Member
Murano Bugs 2013-06-05 Member
Murano Plugin Bug Supervisor 2016-09-13 Member
Networking Hyper-V Bugs 2019-08-28 Member
Neutron Bugs 2012-03-14 Member
Nova Member Citrix OpenStack development team
Nova Bug Team 2014-07-14 Member
Nova DPM bugs 2016-11-08 Member
Nova Feature Parity Team Member Citrix OpenStack development team Not subscribed
Nova Testing Cleanup Team Member Citrix OpenStack development team Not subscribed
OS-Win Bugs 2019-08-28 Member
Octavia Bugs 2016-08-05 Member
OpenStack Continuous Integration team 2012-04-14 Member
OpenStack Contributor Guide Bugs 2017-10-03 Member
OpenStack Documentation Bug Team 2013-09-06 Member
OpenStack Infrastructure Bugs 2013-06-05 Member
OpenStack Team Member Nova, Citrix OpenStack development team
Oslo Bugs 2012-12-06 Member
Packetary Bugs Team 2015-12-15 Member
Packetary Drivers Team 2015-12-15 Member
Patron Bug Team 2015-12-31 Member
Python Jenkins Developers 2015-10-31 Member Not subscribed
RACK Bug Team 2015-07-24 Member
Rails-Policy Bugs 2015-12-09 Member
Solar Bugs Team 2015-11-19 Member
StackViz Bugs 2016-03-10 Member
Swift Authentication Bugs 2015-11-10 Member
Swift Release Team 2010-11-16 Member
Tacker Bugs Team 2016-03-08 Member
Tempest Bug Team 2013-05-23 Member
Trove Bugs 2013-06-14 Member
Valence Drivers 2016-11-08 Member
VirtualPDU Bugs 2016-11-22 Member
Zun-UI Bugs 2016-09-07 Member
bgpvpn-bugs 2015-11-06 Member
bug fix team of zte neutron integration 2016-08-05 Member
devstack-drivers 2012-11-21 Member
devstack-plugin-tar-installer-bugs 2016-04-19 Member
fixtures-git-bugs 2018-03-25 Member
gos-brick-bugs 2017-05-26 Member
jacket-bugs 2016-01-04 Member
kolla-cli-bugs 2018-03-21 Member
kolla-drivers 2019-05-20 Member
kolla-kubernetes-bugs 2016-04-15 Member
kubestack-bugs 2017-05-04 Member
masakari-bugs 2016-06-16 Member
microversion-parse-bugs 2016-03-22 Member
mitmstack bug tracking 2016-11-18 Member
murano-plugin 2016-09-14 Member
nemesis-bugs 2017-02-28 Member
networking-calico-bugs 2016-08-08 Member
networking-dpm Bugs 2016-11-17 Member
networking-icc-bugs 2016-06-21 Member
networking-l2gw-tempest-plugin-bugs 2017-07-06 Member
networking-lagopus-bugs 2017-09-07 Member
networking-mirantis-dvs-bugs 2016-01-14 Member
networking-spp-bugs 2017-10-13 Member
novaimagebuilder-bugs 2013-07-09 Member
ooi-bugs 2015-10-20 Member
openstack-ansible-bugs 2016-05-27 Member
openstack-chef 2013-05-27 Member
openstack-helm-bugs 2017-04-16 Admin
openstack-loci-bugs 2017-04-16 Member
openstack-mentoring_scripts-bugs 2016-10-28 Member
openvz-nova-driver-core 2013-05-02 Member
os-log-merger bug team 2016-09-09 Member
os-traits Bugs 2017-03-03 Member
os-vif bugs 2015-11-10 Member
os-xenapi-bugs 2016-10-14 Member
os-xenapi-drivers Member Citrix OpenStack development team
picasso-bugs 2016-12-08 Member
python-don-bugs 2016-07-22 Member
python-dracclient bugs 2016-01-18 Member
python-reflex-bugs 2016-10-21 Member
python-wsmanclient bugs 2016-01-18 Member
requests-mock Bugs 2014-08-20 Member
shovel-drivers 2016-01-19 Member
soc-bugs 2017-05-08 Member
stackube-bugs 2017-05-05 Member
tricircle-bugs 2016-07-05 Member
tripleo 2013-07-10 Member
valet-bugs 2016-12-07 Member
vmware-vspc-bugs 2017-02-13 Member
vscout-as-a-service-bugs 2017-07-24 Member
zun-bugs 2016-05-07 Member