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Chow Loong Jin's teams

“Ayatana Discussion” team
“Banshee Team” team
“Banshee Unstable” team
“Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations” team
“Canonical Contributor Agreement” team
“computer-janitor-hackers” team
“Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages” team
“Dulwich Users” team
“Geany Developers” team
“Launchpad Users” team
“#lubuntu IRC Operators” team
“Lubuntu IRC OPs” team
“Lubuntu” team
“MOTU” team
“OpenSCAD packagers” team
“OpenStack Ubuntu packagers” team
“PdfMod Team” team
“Planet Ubuntu” team
“Remuco Team” team
“Singlish” team
“Tangerine Developers” team
“Tangerine Users” team
“Ubuntu Budgie Developers” team
“Ubuntu Budgie” team
“Ubuntu Bug Control” team
“Ubuntu CLI/Mono Uploaders” team
“Ubuntu cloaked people on freenode” team
“Ubuntu Contributing Developers” team
“Ubuntu Core Channel Operators” team
“Ubuntu Developers” team
“Ubuntu Development Team (bugmail catching gateway)” team
“Ubuntu Development Team” team
“Ubuntu IRC members” team
“Ubuntu IRC Operators” team
“Ubuntu IRC Team” team
“Ubuntu Local Community Teams” team
“Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team” team
“Ubuntu Members” team
“Ubuntu Packaging Guide Team” team
“Ubuntu Review Team” team
“Ubuntu Singapore” team
“Ubuntu Sponsors Team” team
“Ubuntu Testing Tools Team” team
“Ubuntu Transition Trackers” team
“Ubuntu Uploaders” team
“Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance” team