Deep Learning for POWER

PPA description

IBM Deep Learning packages now include:

   - caffe-bvlc (upstream Berkeley Vision and Learning Center)
   - caffe-nv (NVIDIA fork)
   - digits (NVIDIA DIGITS)
   - theano
   - torch
   - power-mldl (meta-package to install all above)

Pre-requisites now include cuDNN v5.1 .deb packages:

   1. Ubuntu 14.04
   2. CUDA 7.5
   3. cuDNN v5.1 for CUDA 7.5 .debs (
      - cuDNN v5.1 Runtime Library for Power8 (Deb)
      - cuDNN v5.1 Developer Library for Power8 (Deb)
      - cuDNN v5.1 Code Samples and User Guide Power8 (Deb)
   4. "trusty-backports universe" and "trusty multiverse" repos
      $ sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
      $ sudo apt-add-repository "deb trusty-backports universe"
      $ sudo apt-add-repository "deb trusty multiverse"
      $ sudo apt-get update

Pre-requisites (for DIGITS) include a liblmdb0 backport. Installer may
suggest to omit Deep Learning packages rather than install the backport.
Rejecting that suggestion should cause the installer to offer to install
the liblmdb0 backport.


The easiest way to upgrade from the previous release is to uninstall the
old packages then install: all latest patches, cuDNN .debs, and new MLDL
packages. We recommend using aptitude for MLDL package install:

    $ sudo apt-get purge libopenblas cudnn-req caffe torch theano
    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
    $ sudo dpkg -i libcudnn*.deb
    $ sudo apt-get install aptitude
    $ sudo aptitude install power-mldl


Each package provides an environment setup script. We recommend updating
shell rc file (e.g. `.bashrc`) to source setup scripts:

        source /opt/DL/<framework>/bin/<framework>-activate

Each package provides a test script to run some self-tests:

        $ <framework>-test

digits-activate script will create $HOME/.digits for cfg and log files.

Caffe packages install to separate dirs (/opt/DL/caffe-{bvlc|nv}).
By default caffe-nv is presented as /opt/DL/caffe; can be changed with:

        $ sudo update-alternatives --config caffe

Caffe packages include scripts to copy samples to a local directory:

        $ caffe-install-samples <somedir>

Adding this PPA to your system

You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:ibmpackages/mldl to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ibmpackages/mldl
sudo apt-get update
Technical details about this PPA

This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

deb trusty main 
deb-src trusty main 
Signing key:
4096R/A37439544B266E1B766CE549F4ADEBB2E7D1FA0C (What is this?)

For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact IBM packages.

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Overview of published packages

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Package Version Uploaded by
bazel 0.2.0-2ibm1ppa2 Brian W Hart (2016-07-29)
caffe 0.3-1ibm4ppa2 Brian W Hart (2016-05-03)
caffe-bvlc 0.3-2ibm3ppa1 Brian W Hart (2016-07-29)
caffe-nv 0.14.5-2ibm3ppa1 Brian W Hart (2016-07-29)
cudnn-req 1-1ibm2ppa1 Brian W Hart (2016-05-03)
digits 3.2-2ibm1ppa1 Brian W Hart (2016-07-29)
flask-babel 0.9-2.1~mldl.1 Frédéric Bonnard (2016-06-29)
flask-wtf 0.12+notheme-2~mldl.2 Frédéric Bonnard (2016-06-29)
libopenblas 0.2.18-2ibm1ppa1 Brian W Hart (2016-07-29)
mldl-repo-local 1.1-1ibm1ppa1 Brian W Hart (2016-05-03)
power-mldl 2-2ibm2ppa2 Brian W Hart (2016-07-29)
protobuf 3.0.0-2ibm1ppa2 Brian W Hart (2016-07-29)
py-lmdb 0.87-1~mldl.2 Frédéric Bonnard (2016-06-29)
python-flask-socketio 0.6.0+notheme-1~mldl.2 Frédéric Bonnard (2016-06-29)
speaklater 1.3-3~mldl.1 Frédéric Bonnard (2016-06-29)
theano 0.8.2-2ibm1ppa1 Brian W Hart (2016-07-29)
torch 7a-2ibm4ppa1 Brian W Hart (2016-07-29)
wtforms 2.1-1~mldl.1 Frédéric Bonnard (2016-06-29)
118 of 18 results

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