Uploaded packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
imagemagick Ubuntu Maverick 7: 2010-05-23 None
xmms2 Ubuntu Maverick 0.7DrNo-7 2010-05-09 None
opensync Ubuntu Maverick 0.39-3 2010-05-08 None
libopensync-plugin-syncml Ubuntu Maverick 0.39-1 2010-05-08 None
groundcontrol Ubuntu Lucid 1.6.5-1 2010-04-26 None
kdebase-workspace Ubuntu Lucid 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu9 2010-04-11 None
falcon Ubuntu Hardy 2.0.4-0ubuntu1 2008-01-11 None
flashplugin-nonfree Ubuntu Gutsy 2007-12-12 None
flashplugin-nonfree Ubuntu Feisty 2007-12-12 None
flashplugin-nonfree Ubuntu Edgy 2007-12-12 None
flashplugin-nonfree Ubuntu Dapper 2007-12-12 None
amarok Ubuntu Hardy 2:1.4.7-2ubuntu5 2007-12-10 None
flashplugin-nonfree Ubuntu Hardy 2007-12-06 None
mplayer Ubuntu Hardy 2:1.0~rc2-0ubuntu3 2007-12-03 None
dolphin Ubuntu Hardy 0.9.2-0ubuntu3 2007-12-01 None
libzip Ubuntu Hardy 0.8-1 2007-11-05 None
phpsysinfo Ubuntu Hardy 2.5.4-0ubuntu1 2007-10-30 None
hotwire Ubuntu Hardy 0.599-0ubuntu1 2007-10-24 None
mod-mono Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.17-3edgy1 2007-03-20 None
amarok Ubuntu Feisty 2:1.4.5-0ubuntu1 2007-02-05 None
mol Ubuntu Feisty 0.9.71.dfsg-4 2006-12-11 powerpc powerpc
xchat-gnome Ubuntu Feisty 1:0.15-0ubuntu2 2006-11-29 None
mirage Ubuntu Feisty 0.8.1-0ubuntu2 2006-11-14 None
konversation Ubuntu Feisty 1.0.1-1ubuntu1 2006-11-13 None
libsdl-ruby Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.0-1build1 2006-10-17 None
amarok Ubuntu Edgy 2:1.4.3-0ubuntu10 2006-10-15 None
konversation Ubuntu Edgy 1.0.1-0ubuntu1 2006-10-12 None
ktorrent Ubuntu Edgy 2.0.3-0ubuntu2 2006-10-11 None
mythplugins Ubuntu Edgy 0.20-0.6ubuntu2 2006-10-09 None
kubuntu-default-settings Ubuntu Edgy 1:6.10-55 2006-10-07 None
xine-lib Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.2+repacked1-0ubuntu3 2006-10-06 None
acidrip Ubuntu Edgy 0.14-0.2ubuntu4 2006-10-03 None
konversation Ubuntu Dapper 1.0-0ubuntu5~dapper1 2006-09-28 None
amarok Ubuntu Dapper 2:1.4.3-0ubuntu8~dapper1 2006-09-28 None
routes Ubuntu Edgy 1.5-1 2006-09-28 None
mythtv Ubuntu Edgy 0.20-0.0ubuntu2 2006-09-28 None
kwin-style-crystal Ubuntu Edgy 1.0.1-0ubuntu6 2006-09-20 None
pastescript Ubuntu Edgy 0.9.8-1 2006-09-13 None
pastedeploy Ubuntu Edgy 0.9.6-1 2006-09-13 None
paste Ubuntu Edgy 2006-09-13 None
griffith Ubuntu Edgy 0.6.2-1 2006-09-13 None
kdebase Ubuntu Edgy 4:3.5.4-0ubuntu13 2006-09-01 None
edenmath.app Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.1a-2ubuntu1 2006-08-27 None
kbfx Ubuntu Dapper 2006-08-24 None
kdelibs Ubuntu Edgy 4:3.5.4-0ubuntu5 2006-08-22 None
kflickr Ubuntu Edgy 0.7-0ubuntu1 2006-08-22 None
kscope Ubuntu Edgy 1.4.0-1 2006-08-17 None
mol Ubuntu Edgy 0.9.70-20.1ubuntu1 2006-08-17 ia64 sparc powerpc i386 amd64
kooldock Ubuntu Edgy 0.3-1ubuntu2 2006-08-16 None
kxdocker Ubuntu Edgy 1.1.4a-0ubuntu2 2006-08-16 None
cmake Ubuntu Edgy 2.4.3-1 2006-08-15 None
ipodslave Ubuntu Edgy 0.7.3-0ubuntu3 2006-08-14 None
kvirc Ubuntu Edgy 2:3.2.4-3ubuntu1 2006-08-13 None
drip Ubuntu Edgy 2006-08-13 powerpc ia64 sparc amd64
kbfx Ubuntu Edgy 2006-08-08 None
kdetv Ubuntu Edgy 0.8.8-0ubuntu4 2006-08-02 None
gtkpod Ubuntu Edgy 0.99.4-1ubuntu1 2006-07-25 None
kdeaddons Ubuntu Edgy 4:3.5.3-0ubuntu4 2006-07-21 None
bibletime Ubuntu Edgy 1.5.3-1ubuntu2 2006-07-18 None
icewm Ubuntu Edgy 1.2.26-2ubuntu1 2006-07-18 None
helix-player Ubuntu Edgy 1.0.7-1 2006-07-17 powerpc sparc ia64 i386 amd64
kdissert Ubuntu Edgy 1.0.6-waf-b-1ubuntu1 2006-07-10 None
kmess Ubuntu Dapper 1.4.2-0ubuntu4 2006-05-26 None
ksetispy Ubuntu Dapper 0.6.4-2build3 2006-05-23 None
klamav Ubuntu Dapper 0.32-0ubuntu3 2006-05-23 None
kiso Ubuntu Dapper 0.8.3-0ubuntu2 2006-05-23 None
kio-sword Ubuntu Dapper 0.1-0ubuntu2 2006-05-23 None
kdissert Ubuntu Dapper 1.0.5.ubuntu-0ubuntu2 2006-05-23 None
digikam Ubuntu Dapper 0.8.2~rc1-0ubuntu3 2006-05-23 None
ktorrent Ubuntu Dapper 1.2-0ubuntu3 2006-05-23 powerpc amd64 sparc i386 ia64 hppa
gnucash Ubuntu Dapper 1.8.12-6ubuntu3 2006-05-21 ia64
kvirc Ubuntu Dapper 2:3.2.0-5ubuntu1 2006-05-18 None
ksubtitleripper Ubuntu Dapper 0.3.1-0.2ubuntu2 2006-04-29 None
helix-player Ubuntu Dapper 1.0.6-3ubuntu1 2006-04-29 sparc amd64 ia64 powerpc i386 hppa
gwenrename Ubuntu Dapper 1.0.1-0ubuntu3 2006-04-29 None
175 of 79 results