Ubuntu AppUpdate has been discontinued.

More info: http://ubuntu-appupdate.952586.n3.nabble.com/Ubuntu-AppUpdate-has-been-discontinued-tp1008080p1008080.html

It is recommended that users turn to the Portable Linux Apps project (http://portablelinuxapps.org/) or GetDeb (http://www.getdeb.net/) for their application update needs.



Ubuntu AppUpdate Mailing List: http://ubuntu-appupdate.952586.n3.nabble.com/

Maintainers of Ubuntu AppUpdate. This team is not affiliated with Canonical or Ubuntu.


Twice a week, tracked PPAs will be checked for package updates. If a package in a tracked PPA is updated, a member of the team will push it to the "Testing" repository. If it is pushed to "Testing" and no major problems appear by the end of the weekly cycle, it will be pushed by the team to "Stable" and all users with the PPA will be notified of the update.

All packages must be uploaded to a Launchpad PPA before they will be considered to be included in the Ubuntu AppUpdate PPA. Both the binaries and sources for each package will be copied from the source PPA, as the packages will not be recompiled.

All packages must also have no required build dependences outside of the Ubuntu repositories or AppUpdate PPAs. This is to maintain compatibility with the current version of Ubuntu.

Note: Keep in mind, AppUpdate is only for individual applications like Chromium, Deluge and MPlayer, *not* the kernel, core libraries and the desktop environment. For the sake of stability and compatibility, packages that need core library updates will *not* be accepted.


Weekly schedule:


- All packages that have passed inspection and testing are pushed to Stable.
- The Testing PPA is unfrozen. Package updates or requests will be accepted until Saturday.
- All tracked PPAs are checked for updates. All updates are pushed to Testing.


- All tracked PPAs are checked again for updates. All updates are pushed to Testing.
- Package freeze. No new packages will be pushed to Testing until Wednesday.
- Each application is individually tested by the Infinity Team. Applications that do not pass inspection or testing are immediately removed from Testing.



Three logs will be posted to the mailing list every week.

1. The "Update" log will detail the addition of any package to the Testing PPA.
2. The "Testing" log will detail the inspection of each application, as well as detail the removal of any package from the Testing PPA.
3. The "Stable" log will outline the packages pushed to Stable each week.

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