Pretty shallow, I know, just linux.
I have been dabbling with Linux for a while; with ubuntu for a few years. I am searching for a solution to the 'Unresponsive UI in 10.04'.

I am interested in having linux succeed, and for the moment I am quite (: with ubuntu 10.04.

My main computer is a Dell Inspiron 8200 laptop with 1Gb of memory, 100 Gb of disk with Windows XP, Windows 7, ubuntu 10.04 partitions (/home is 15Gb), with grub triple booting.
Windows XP and Windows 7 run quite well on this machine
So did ubuntu 9.04 when I first tried - except for not being able to do Skype.

Then all hell broke loose:
1. I first upgraded to 10.04 from 9.04 (as offered by the update applet) - this failed (would not boot).
2. I reinstalled 9.04, back to normai (without Skype), seeking skype, I then
3. I downloaded 10.04 and installed it (retaining /home); 10.04 is very sluggish (please see Observatiosn below), but it runs skype.
4. I reinstalled 9.04 (retaining /home); UI normal (no skype), <bold>BUT</bold> when the update manager applied recommended updates, the 9.04 UI behaves sluggish.
5. Reinstalled 10.04 (retaining /home), UI sluggish, have skype, and I am now trying to solve the sluggish problems (see Observations)


These problems may not be solely on ubuntu; I have tried the latest distributions of Fedora and Suse with the same problems. Ubuntu 9.04 (except for Skype) and Suse 9.2 worked (no skype).

• Slow responding to click on tab, button, scrollbar or link; Applications-->System-->Preferences-->Mouse click at one second rate does not always respond.
• Scrollbar remains active once the scrollbar button is clicked - mouse movement causes scroll even out of scrollbar; scrolls even when mouse is in another window; stops only when clicking (repeatedly) on scrollbar button or via the ESC key.
• After left mouse click on an icon or link, without perceptible move from the mouse, the mouse pointer often changes to a hand icon and the icon moves along with the mouse (trailing a small thumb-print image).
• Slow response of when switching to another window
• Hangs up on occasion on while moving mouse to some action - requires restart.
• Highlighting text is difficult to cancel; extremely difficult to reliably start the highlight action.

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