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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
smlsharp Debian Sid 4.0.0+git20211227.5af5945b-2 None
mmc-utils Debian Sid 0+git20220624.d7b343fd-1 ppc64el
guvcview Debian Sid 2.0.8-2 None
ell Debian Sid 0.52-1 None
mozc Debian Experimental 2.28.4715.102+dfsg-1 None
ell Ubuntu Kinetic 0.50-1ubuntu2 None
mruby Debian Sid 3.0.0-4 None
libtsm Debian Sid 4.0.2-0.3 None
neofetch Debian Sid 7.1.0-4 None
mozc Debian Sid 2.26.4220.100+dfsg-5.2 None

PPA packages

10 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
sbc mrz-ppa - Ubuntu Precise 1.3-1 None
libfreefare Panto tools v5 - Ubuntu Trusty 0.4.0-2 None
bluez-tools Panto tools - Ubuntu Trusty 0.1.38+git662e-3 None
bluez Pantobuntu tools - Ubuntu Trusty 5.33-1 None
bluez-hcidump Chaos-PPA-v2 - Ubuntu Trusty 2.5-1 None
opencv Precise - Ubuntu Precise 2.4.3+dfsg-1 None