Team participation for Jack Yu

Jack Yu is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Bazaar Documentation Team 2012-10-16 Member Subscribed
Bazaar Localization Team 2012-10-16 Member Subscribed
Canonical Contributor Agreement 2013-01-23 Member
Martin Pitt's fan 2013-09-20 Member
Not Canonical 2013-09-19 Member
Planet Ubuntu Member Ubuntu Members
Qt QQ dev Team 2013-05-15 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Kylin Council 2013-06-24 Owner Not subscribed
Ubuntu Kylin Members 2012-12-27 Owner Not subscribed
Ubuntu Kylin Quality 2013-09-03 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Kylin Release Team 2013-03-14 Owner Not subscribed
Ubuntu Members 2013-09-18 Member
Ubuntu Testcase Admins Member Ubuntu Kylin Release Team
Ubuntu in the Enterprise 2013-05-16 Member Subscribed
UbuntuKylin Community Team Member Ubuntu Kylin Members
UbuntuKylin Documentation Team 2014-04-10 Admin
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance Member Ubuntu Members
atareao-team 2013-01-25 Member Subscribed
bzr-doc-chinese-contributors 2012-11-08 Admin
dash-online-music-contributors 2012-11-21 Owner
unity-widget supporting-contributors 2012-11-14 Owner