Team participation for John A Meinel

John A Meinel is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
(DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team 2007-04-23 Member
Baz Developers 2006-08-21 Member
Bazaar Codereview Subscribers 2011-06-06 Member
Bazaar Developers 2005-09-16 Member
Bazaar Documentation Team 2009-11-19 Member Subscribed
Bazaar Explorer Developers 2009-07-05 Member Not subscribed
Bazaar GTK maintainers Member Bazaar Developers
Bazaar Log RSS developers 2008-02-05 Owner
Bazaar Mac OS X Team 2009-08-11 Member Not subscribed
Bazaar Packagers 2011-11-10 Member Not subscribed
Bazaar Windows Team 2009-08-05 Member Not subscribed
Bzr-fastimport 2008-03-13 Member
Bzr-pqm-devel 2006-07-26 Owner
Canonical Contributor Agreement 2009-11-23 Member
Canonical Field Critical 2017-11-02 Member
Canonical Field High 2017-11-02 Member
Canonical content creators Member MAAS Maintainers
Charmworld Developers Member Cloud Engineering Orange Squad, Juju QA Engineering, [private team]
Cloud Engineering Orange Squad Member Juju QA Engineering, [private team]
Community-agile 2008-07-17 Member Subscribed
GWACL Hackers 2013-08-29 Admin
Gouda (Go u1db implementation) hackers 2012-10-26 Admin
Juju GUI Charmers Member Juju GUI Hackers, Cloud Engineering Orange Squad, Juju QA Engineering, [private team]
Juju GUI Hackers Member Cloud Engineering Orange Squad, Juju QA Engineering, [private team]
Juju Project Lead 2017-07-10 Member
Juju QA Engineering Member [private team]
Juju Reports Viewers Member Juju QA Engineering, [private team]
Juju Vagrant Member Juju QA Engineering, [private team]
Juju-Jitsu Hackers Member juju hackers
Launchpad Beta Testers 2007-02-13 Member
Launchpad Development mailing list 2010-07-08 Member Subscribed
Loggerhead Team 2010-04-22 Member
Loom Developers Member Bazaar Developers
MAAS Development Member [private team]
MAAS Maintainers 2012-09-20 Member
MAAS builds list Member MAAS Maintainers Not subscribed
MAAS documentation editors Member MAAS Maintainers
Meliae Development Team 2009-09-08 Owner
Monodevelop-Bazaar developers Member bazaar-council Not subscribed
Olive Team Member bazaar-council
OpenStack Team 2012-04-24 Member
QBzr Bugs Member bzr-qa, Bazaar Developers
QBzr Developers 2009-07-24 Member
Registry Administrators Member canonical-bazaar Not subscribed
Sloecode Developers 2011-03-11 Member Not subscribed
Tarmac Developers 2013-10-29 Member
TortoiseBZR Developers 2008-08-18 Member Not subscribed
Trac-bzr-team Member Bazaar Developers Not subscribed
US Teams Project Member (DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
Ubuntu App Developer site editors Member Canonical content creators, MAAS Maintainers
Ubuntu Chumby Hackers 2009-06-01 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Distributed Development Developers 2010-07-22 Admin
Ubuntu Illinois LoCo Team Member (DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member (DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
Ubuntu One DB Discuss 2011-11-04 Owner Not subscribed
Wikkid Developer List 2010-05-28 Member Subscribed
awsome-core 2012-04-12 Owner
awsvalidation 2012-04-12 Member
bazaar-council 2011-06-10 Owner
bzr-bloggers Member canonical-bazaar
bzr-core Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-git developers Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-hg developers Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-qa Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-repo-push Developers Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-stats developers 2009-01-30 Member
bzr-svn developers Member bazaar-council
canonical-bazaar 2007-09-27 Owner
hydrazine-core 2010-01-13 Member
juju hackers 2012-10-30 Admin
ubuntu-distributed-development Member canonical-bazaar