Team participation for John A Meinel

John A Meinel is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
(DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team 2007-04-23 Member
Baz Developers 2006-08-21 Member
Bazaar Codereview Subscribers 2011-06-06 Member
Bazaar Developers 2005-09-16 Member
Bazaar Documentation Team 2009-11-19 Member Subscribed
Bazaar Explorer Developers 2009-07-05 Member Subscribed
Bazaar GTK maintainers Member Bazaar Developers
Bazaar Log RSS developers 2008-02-05 Owner
Bazaar Mac OS X Team 2009-08-11 Member Subscribed
Bazaar Packagers 2011-11-10 Member Subscribed
Bazaar Windows Team 2009-08-05 Member Subscribed
Bzr-fastimport 2008-03-13 Member
Bzr-pqm-devel 2006-07-26 Owner
Canonical Contributor Agreement 2009-11-23 Member
Canonical Livepatch Dependencies Team Member Landscape
Canonical Salesforce User Community Member Landscape
Canonical content creators Member MAAS Maintainers
Cisco VPP Member Landscape
Citrix Client Member The Maza team, Landscape
Cloud Deck Team Member Landscape
Community-agile 2008-07-17 Member Subscribed
GWACL Hackers 2013-08-29 Admin
Gouda (Go u1db implementation) hackers 2012-10-26 Admin
Juju Reports Viewers Member juju hackers
Juju-Jitsu Hackers Member juju hackers
Landscape 2009-03-05 Member
Landscape Bugs Member Landscape
Landscape Development Tools Team Member Landscape
Launchpad Beta Testers 2007-02-13 Member
Launchpad Development mailing list 2010-07-08 Member Subscribed
Loggerhead Team 2010-04-22 Member
Loom Developers Member Bazaar Developers
MAAS Development Member [private team]
MAAS Maintainers 2012-09-20 Member
MAAS builds list Member MAAS Maintainers Not subscribed
MAAS documentation editors Member MAAS Maintainers
Meliae Development Team 2009-09-08 Owner
Monodevelop-Bazaar developers Member bazaar-council Not subscribed
Olive Team Member bazaar-council
OpenStack Team 2012-04-24 Member
Plum grid team Member Landscape
QBzr Bugs Member bzr-qa, Bazaar Developers
QBzr Developers 2009-07-24 Member
Registry Administrators Member canonical-bazaar Not subscribed
Sloecode Developers 2011-03-11 Member Subscribed
Tarmac Developers 2013-10-29 Member
The Grover team Member The Maza team, Landscape
The Maza team Member Landscape
TortoiseBZR Developers 2008-08-18 Member Subscribed
Trac-bzr-team Member Bazaar Developers Subscribed
US Teams Project Member (DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
Ubuntu Chumby Hackers 2009-06-01 Member Subscribed
Ubuntu Distributed Development Developers 2010-07-22 Admin
Ubuntu Illinois LoCo Team Member (DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member (DEPRECATED) Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team
Ubuntu One DB Discuss 2011-11-04 Owner Subscribed
Ubuntu Openstack Installer Member Landscape
VCS imports Member canonical-bazaar
Wikkid Developer List 2010-05-28 Member Subscribed
awsome-core 2012-04-12 Owner
awsvalidation 2012-04-12 Member
bazaar-council 2011-06-10 Owner
bzr-bloggers Member canonical-bazaar
bzr-core Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-git developers Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-hg developers Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-qa Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-repo-push Developers Member Bazaar Developers
bzr-stats developers 2009-01-30 Member
bzr-svn developers Member bazaar-council
canonical-bazaar 2007-09-27 Owner
hydrazine-core 2010-01-13 Member
juju hackers 2012-10-30 Admin
latch-hackers Member Landscape
txStatsD Developers Member Landscape
ubuntu-distributed-development Member canonical-bazaar