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vRouter Hardware Offload Enablement for OpenStack Compute (nova)
SmartNICs allow complex packet processing on the NIC. In order to support hardware acceleration for them, Nova core needs modifications to support the combination of VIF and vRouter plugging they support. This blueprint tracks a hybrid SR-IOV and vRouter model to enable acceleration. Note: In this blueprint, Contra...
Convert vrouter VIF type to OS-VIF for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Currently vrouter plugging in OpenStack is fragmented into a number of parallel codepaths: * The in-tree legacy Nova plugging code for the 'vrouter' VIF type (TAP device plugging) * In-tree legacy Nova plugging code for the 'hw_veb' VIF (passthrough plugging) * os-vif code for the 'contrail_vrouter' VIF type (DPDK ...

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