Team participation for Jason Kölker

Jason Kölker is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
Holland Build Member Holland Developers Not subscribed
Holland Developers 2010-10-25 Member Subscribed
Holland Discuss Member Holland Developers Subscribed
Holland Packaging Member Holland Developers
IUS Community Members 2009-09-05 Member Not subscribed
Melange Member Melange core developers
Melange bug team Member Melange core developers
Melange core developers 2011-12-06 Member Subscribed
Nova 2011-04-11 Member
Nova Network 2011-10-25 Member Subscribed
OpenStack Common Drivers 2012-05-02 Admin
OpenStack Contributors 2012-01-09 Member
OpenStack Nose Core Devs 2012-01-07 Admin
OpenStack Nose Drivers 2012-01-07 Admin
OpenStack Team Member Nova
Openstack-common Core 2011-12-06 Admin
Ozone 2011-04-11 Member
Python OpenStack Client 2012-05-01 Member
Python OpenStack Client Core 2012-05-01 Member