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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
xfonts-knickers Debian Lenny 0.0.1-6 None
libimlib2-ruby Debian Lenny 0.5.2-1 None
libfam-ruby Debian Lenny 0.2.0-1 None
e16menuedit2 Debian Lenny 0.0.3-2 None
e16menuedit Debian Lenny 0.1.3-3 None
e16keyedit Debian Lenny 0.5.0-1 None
libfam-ruby Ubuntu Intrepid 0.2.0-1 None
libimlib2-ruby Ubuntu Intrepid 0.5.2-1 None
xfonts-knickers Ubuntu Hardy 0.0.1-6 None
e16menuedit Ubuntu Hardy 0.1.3-3 None

Uploaded packages

7 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
libgems-ruby Ubuntu Karmic 1.3.5-1ubuntu2 None
gbdfed Ubuntu Karmic 1.5-1ubuntu1 None
gbgoffice Ubuntu Karmic 1.4-4ubuntu1 None
freetalk Ubuntu Karmic 3.2-1ubuntu1 None
ksymoops Ubuntu Karmic 2.4.11-1ubuntu1 None
meta-gnome2 Ubuntu Karmic 1:2.22.2~4ubuntu7 None
lua-iconv Ubuntu Karmic 6-0ubuntu1 None