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modest (3.90.6-modest0lucid) lucid; urgency=low

  * Cache casefold of strings to speed up live search in headers list.
  * Reduce get_value operations in filter_row of modest header view.
  * Set the proper screen size of ModestShell window.
  * Set the proper parent class for window classes.
  * Show context menu in response to right button clicks for non Hildon2
  *    platforms.
  * Fixed alignment of header widgets in editor for non Hildon2 platforms.
  * Fixed a crash when moving messages.
  * Do not set fullscreen in Moblin as it does not allow to show the top menu.
  * New policy for hildon2 window manager. Show make open_Account methods work
  *    better.
  * Emit the folder updated signal on message move.
  * Remove spacing in headers view calendar, as it was causing a very bad
  *    effect as the spacing area didn't have the grey background color.
  * Corrected the number of unread messages for plug-in based protocols.
  * Implemented correct number of unread messages for multi-mailbox accounts.
  * Fixed message times for the email home applet.
  * Misc build fixes.
  * Fixes: NB#148667  Eat blank spaces after quote symbol before on requoting.
  * Fixes: NB#149525  Added support for external addressbook Nokia service
  *    in hildon (
  * Fixes: NB#149836  Set better modal windows in hildon2 window manager to
  *    avoid keyboard focus hangs.
  * Fixes: NB#151325  Refresh the book and book view in addressbook if it
  *    changes in the abook roster.
  * Fixes: NB#155455  Show as active (color) the accounts that have new
  *    messages.
  * Fixes: NB#155972  Set header list model to load more responsive, using
  *    the new tinymail method tny_gtk_header_list_model_set_update_in_batches.
  * Fixes: NB#156451  By default editor toolbar should not be shown.
  * Fixes: NB#156453  Proper icon for insert image action in hildon is
  *    general_toolbar_image.
  * Fixes: NB#156458  On receiving dbus ui calls, if we have a modal dialog
  *    on top, raise modest properly.
  * Fixes: NB#156612  New editor and msg view menu structures.
  * Fixes: NB#156752  Update account view happens now in idle, to avoid bad
  *    recursions.
  * Fixes: NB#157019  Implemented center-alignment for selectors in the
  *    global settings dialog
  * Fixes: NB#157399  Set the active account on creating folder window from
  *    mailboxes window, to avoid a crash caused by a bad rule in new
  *    window manager for hildon2.
  * Fixes: NB#157602  Fixed crash while handling email home applet request.
  * Fixes: NB#157865  Activate a modal dialog only on UI DBus requests.
  * Fixes: NB#158249  Fixed Modest crashes after tapping back button in new
  *    mail editor.
 -- Jose Dapena Paz <email address hidden>   Wed, 03 Mar 2010 16:29:43 +0100

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