PPA packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
contextkit meego - Ubuntu Maverick 0.5.26~git20110113-jdapena1maverick None
libmeegotouch meego - Ubuntu Maverick 0.20.71~pre0.20.72-1jdapena1maverick None
meegotouchtheme meego - Ubuntu Maverick 0.20.66~pre0.20.67-1jdapena1maverick None
tinymail modest - Ubuntu Lucid 1.3.git20100611-modest0lucid None
contextkit meego - Ubuntu Lucid 0.5.13~unreleased-jdapena1lucid None
meegotouchtheme meego - Ubuntu Lucid 0.20.11-2jdapena1lucid None
libmeegotouch meego - Ubuntu Lucid None
mx Clutter Grilo Player - Ubuntu Lucid 0.99.8-cgp1lucid None
cgp Clutter Grilo Player - Ubuntu Lucid 0.1.1-cgp1lucid None
clutter-gst-1.0 Clutter Grilo Player - Ubuntu Lucid 1.0.0-cgp5lucid None
clutter-gesture Clutter Grilo Player - Ubuntu Lucid None
modest modest - Ubuntu Lucid 3.90.6-modest0lucid None
modest modest - Ubuntu Karmic 3.90.6-modest0 None
tinymail modest - Ubuntu Karmic 1.3-svn4203modest0 None
wpeditor modest - Ubuntu Lucid 2.46-1modest0lucid None
wpeditor modest - Ubuntu Karmic 2.46-1modest0 None
116 of 16 results