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Add mac and type into API for ips for OpenStack Compute (nova)
When doing v2.1 API enablement [1], in order to backward compatiblility, nova removed output OS-EXT-IPS-MAC:mac_addr and OS-EXT-IPS:type by using old viewbuilder.
Currently nova filter hosts by using given filters, then it will select the 'best' match host by sorting the hosts with its weight. Currently there are 2 weight object existing, one is metrics and the other is ram weight; metrics weight is mostly for monitor so ram is the only one widely used. If we have following s...
API: get the status of a locked instance for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Currently we only support locking/unlocking an instance but we are not able to query whether the instance is locked or not. This proposal is to add the lock status to the detailed view of an instance. Add following output to the response body of GET /v2/45210fba73d24dd681dc5c292c6b1e7f/ servers/a9dd1fd6-27fb-4128-...

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