I started out using Ubuntu in 2004 on a pre-installed Dell pc and since then have used and installed several different distro,on desktops and laptops. I have also used the Gnome, Mate, KDE, and Cinnamon desktop environments. Presently I use Linux mint Cinnamon on my desktop and 17.03 KDE on my laptop. Usually I test other linux distros in Virtual box and I have a desktop that I use to "hard" test Linux systems with also. I`ve been using the APT package manager mostly and have been trying to improve my command line skills with just that. Although, I have been dabbling with Manjaro Linux and have found it to be quite stable! I probably will be installing Arch in the near future!
The reason why I would like to join this group is to try to find people in my community, I could possibly help out in learning and using Linux. My only traing is that I learned "old school" programing skills in the 1980`s.

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