Team participation for Jorge Castro

Jorge Castro is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
5 A Day Participants 2009-02-18 Member
Application Indicator Upstream Applications 2009-12-09 Owner Not subscribed
Apt Zeroconf Team 2009-06-20 Owner Not subscribed Tools 2011-03-22 Admin
Ayatana Discussion 2009-04-22 Member Not subscribed
B Sides Maintainers 2009-10-30 Owner Not subscribed
Banshee Team 2008-03-28 Owner
Bug Supervisors for Ubuntu Translations Member Ubuntu Bug Control
Crash bug triagers for Ubuntu packages Member Ubuntu Bug Control
Dailydebs Team 2009-08-04 Member Not subscribed
Daniel Holbach Huggers 2008-10-03 Member
Derivative Team 2007-09-20 Owner
Florida LoCo Team 2011-07-20 Member
Gwibber Team 2008-08-19 Admin Not subscribed
IRC Charmers 2013-03-19 Admin
Juju Demo 2014-02-04 Admin Not subscribed
Juju Website Team 2012-11-26 Owner
Juju-Jitsu Hackers Member juju hackers
Launchpad Users 2008-12-16 Member Not subscribed
MAAS Development 2012-04-04 Member
MAAS Website team 2013-01-08 Owner
Martin Pitt's fan 2008-08-08 Member
My Dad Runs Ubuntu Member My spouse runs Ubuntu!
My spouse runs Ubuntu! 2010-01-05 Member
Non Reviewing Charmers 2013-11-14 Admin
Quickly Talk 2010-11-03 Member Not subscribed
StackApplet Bug Managers Member StackApplet Development Team
StackApplet Development Team 2010-08-05 Member Not subscribed
Tasque Packagers 2008-02-26 Owner
Team SSHerminator 2008-12-24 Member Not subscribed
Testers of the graphics-driver PPA 2015-09-03 Admin Not subscribed
U+1 - Ubuntu Development Releases Testing Team 2012-02-21 Member Not subscribed
US Teams Project Member Florida LoCo Team
Ubuntu AMI Testers 2009-09-15 Owner
Ubuntu AllStars 2009-10-13 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Bug Control 2008-03-31 Admin Not subscribed
Ubuntu Community 2009-06-26 Member
Ubuntu Haiku 2008-01-26 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Local Community Teams Member Florida LoCo Team
Ubuntu Microblogging 2008-08-31 Owner Not subscribed
Ubuntu One discussion 2009-05-31 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Phone 2013-05-18 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu Wanted Developers 2008-12-16 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu cloaked people on freenode 2007-10-24 Member
Ubuntu in the Enterprise 2013-05-21 Member Not subscribed
Ubuntu on Air! Staff 2013-01-23 Member
Ubuntu-Michigan 2007-07-31 Member
Unity Community Hackers 2011-02-01 Owner
Unity and Ubuntu Users 2011-06-20 Member
Users of the Ubuntu Etherpad instance 2011-10-28 Admin
Verified LoCo Teams Member Florida LoCo Team
gdm-list 2008-02-19 Owner
gwibber-committers 2009-01-13 Admin
iFolder Development Team 2007-12-03 Owner
juju hackers 2011-07-06 Member
lp-upstream-tools 2009-02-13 Owner
ubuntu @ HP Computers 2008-09-21 Member
unity-dev discussion list 2010-06-14 Member Not subscribed