I transfered from Windows when Karmic was released. I'm prolly the typical Windows user (not that bright, trash and mash, system destroyer). I've moved on to Lucid and have gotten reinstalling down to a science. I've enjoyed the transition and it's made me want to learn more. My trash and mash style has been refined with the help of forums, and software like clonezilla.

My goal overall is to help Ubuntu through interpersonal relationships with new and potential users. I've explored the Software Center in Ubuntu enough to make recommendations based on user expectations. I've done several installs for friends and neighbors and each one has increased my knowledge of what the individual user expects. As I continue to gather this information I've used UCK to modify ISO's to this purpose. For example: I've noticed my users that have a lot of photos prefer digiKam to F-spot. The interface is more intuitive, same as the file system. It uploads to photo services like Flickr, and has batch processes to edit and convert photos. Some people prefer Pidgin to Empathy (about 50/50 so far). And once people see the desktop enhancements I use like Compiz and Cairo-dock, they usually have me load and configure those too. Unfortunately, I'm not advanced enough yet to actually create my own LiveCD with configurations already loaded. So, even making a LiveCD I still use up a lot of my time configuring the desktop along with certain software I include via UCK. I'm here to learn and help others in return.

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