My name is James Barlow - I aspire to learn to code for real - my technical background is DevOps - however I often find myself taking someone elses wheel, redeveloping it, and combining it with other wheels that are already developed or on the bleeding edge. I want to create the wheel, not redefine it.

What I lack - a team. By myself I can only do so much - I use docker for everything today. I believe that docker is the future. This is my core focus - if Docker is something you are passionate about - and you want to team up in someway to make the experience of Docker better for the world - I don't know how we are going to do it - but let's do it. This is not an advertisement - you will see there is no development on the site - but if you want to team up and create a wheel that suits your needs, my needs, and more importantly the needs of the gnu/opensource community, - sign up and let's get working!

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