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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
mupdf Debian Sid 1.23.7+ds1-1 None
powertop Debian Sid 2.15-2 None
nss-tls Debian Sid 1.1-2 None
picolisp Debian Sid 23.9-1 None
mupdf Ubuntu Mantic 1.22.1+ds1-1build1 None
picolisp Debian Experimental 23.3-1 None
picolisp Ubuntu Jammy 21.6-2build1 None
mupdf Ubuntu Jammy 1.19.0+ds1-1build1 None
powertop Ubuntu Impish 2.11-1build2 None
picolisp Ubuntu Impish 21.1.8-1build1 None

PPA packages

3 packages
Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
powertop Juno Applications - Ubuntu Jammy 2.15-1 None
mupdf Packages for testing - Ubuntu Trusty 1.7a-1 None