Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gpaste Debian Sid 3.42.1-1 None
gpaste Debian Experimental 3.42.0-1 None
catch Debian Sid 1.12.1-1.1 None
catch Ubuntu Focal 1.12.1-1ubuntu1 None
libev Debian Sid 1:4.22-1.1 None
libepoxy Debian Sid 1.5.3-0.1 None
spawn-fcgi Debian Sid 1.6.4-2 None
libepoxy Ubuntu Artful 1.3.1-3~build1 None
redmine Debian Jessie 3.0~20140825-8~deb8u4 None
redmine Debian Sid 3.0~20140825-8 None
redmine Debian Wheezy 1.4.4+dfsg1-2+deb7u1 None
libev Debian Experimental 1:4.15-1 None
redmine Debian Experimental 2.3.0+dfsg1-6 None
multiwatch Debian Sid 1.0.0-rc1+really1.0.0-1 None
eot-utils Debian Sid 1.1-1 None
redmine Ubuntu Lucid 0.9.3-1ubuntu0.1 None
redmine Ubuntu Precise 1.2.2+dfsg1-1 None
redmine Debian Squeeze 1.0.1-2 None
redmine Ubuntu Oneiric 1.1.3-1 None
multiwatch Ubuntu Oneiric 1.0.0-rc1-2 powerpc i386 armel amd64
npm Debian Sid 0.2.16-1 None
nodejs Ubuntu Natty 0.2.6-4build1 i386 armel amd64
nodejs Debian Sid 0.2.6-4 None
libv8 Debian Sid None
nodejs Debian Experimental 0.2.6-3 None
redmine Ubuntu Natty 1.0.5-1 None
eot-utils Ubuntu Natty 1.0-1 None
nodejs Ubuntu Maverick 0.1.97-1build1 powerpc
redmine Ubuntu Maverick 1.0.0-4 None
redmine-plugin-botsfilter Ubuntu Maverick 1.02-2 None
redmine-plugin-botsfilter Debian Sid 1.02-2 None
multiwatch Ubuntu Maverick 1.0.0-rc1-1 sparc
spawn-fcgi Ubuntu Lucid 1.6.3-1 None
spawn-fcgi Debian Squeeze 1.6.2-3 None
spawn-fcgi Ubuntu Karmic 1.6.2-2 None
135 of 35 results