Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
xchm Debian Sid 2:1.33-2 None
recoll Debian Sid 1.32.7-1 None
ostinato Debian Sid 1.2.0-1 None
xdaliclock Debian Sid 2.46-1 None
chmlib Debian Sid 2:0.40a-8 None
dee Debian Sid 1.2.7+17.10.20170616-7 None
xosview Debian Sid 1.23-3 None
yokadi Debian Sid 1.2.0-4 None
recoll Ubuntu Jammy 1.31.6-1build1 s390x riscv64 ppc64el armhf arm64 amd64
xmountains Debian Sid 2.10-2 None
libmng Debian Experimental 2.0.3+dfsg-4 None
toro Debian Sid 1.0.1-5 None
fortunes-debian-hints Debian Sid 2.01.4 None
recoll Debian Experimental 1.30.1-1 None
xchm Debian Experimental 2:1.32-1 None
uni2ascii Debian Sid 4.18-5 None
recoll Ubuntu Hirsute 1.27.3-1build1 None
ostinato Ubuntu Groovy 1.1-1build1 None
xosview Ubuntu Groovy 1.21-2ubuntu1 riscv64
xosview Ubuntu Focal 1.21-2build1 riscv64 armhf riscv64 armhf
ostinato Ubuntu Focal 1.0-2build1 None
xchm Ubuntu Focal 2:1.31-1build1 None
recoll Ubuntu Focal 1.26.3-1build1 None
fontypython Ubuntu Focal 0.5-1build1 None
xosview Ubuntu Eoan 1.21-1build1 armhf armhf
yokadi Debian Experimental 1.2.0-1 None
ldtp Debian Sid 3.5.0-2 None
dee Debian Experimental 1.2.7+17.10.20170616-1 None
ostinato Ubuntu Disco 0.9-2build1 None
recoll Ubuntu Disco 1.24.1-2build1 s390x ppc64el i386 armhf arm64 amd64
recoll Ubuntu Cosmic 1.24.1-1build1 None
fontypython Debian Sid 0.5-1 None
nginx Debian Jessie 1.6.2-5+deb8u5 None
recoll Ubuntu Artful 1.23.2-1build1 None
gnome-specimen Debian Sid 0.4-8.1 None
recoll Ubuntu Zesty 1.22.3-1build1 None
nginx Debian Experimental 1.11.3-1~exp2 None
nginx Debian Sid 1.10.1-2 None
ostinato Ubuntu Yakkety 0.8-1build1 None
fonts-yrsa-rasa Debian Sid 1.002-1 None
pygtkmvc Debian Sid 1.99.1-2 None
ayttm Debian Sid 0.6.3-3.1 None
nginx Debian Wheezy 1.2.1-2.2+wheezy4 None
recoll Ubuntu Xenial 1.21.0-1.1build1 None
xchm Ubuntu Wily 2:1.23-2build1 None
ostinato Debian Experimental 0.7.1-1 None
ostinato Ubuntu Vivid 0.5.1-2build2 None
libmng Debian Sid 1.0.10+dfsg-3.1 None
falconpl Debian Sid None
ostinato Ubuntu Trusty 0.5.1-2build1 None
libmng Ubuntu Trusty 2.0.2-0ubuntu3 None
xosview Debian Experimental 1.14-2 None
mango-lassi Debian Sid 001+dfsg-5 arm64 arm64 arm64
libmng Ubuntu Quantal 1.0.10-3build1 None
gwibber Debian Sid None
libgwibber Debian Sid 0.1.1-1.3 None
freetalk Debian Sid 3.2-11 ppc64el arm64 ppc64el arm64
pyroom Debian Sid 0.4.1-6 None
pygtkmvc Ubuntu Precise 1.99.1-1build1 None
ayttm Ubuntu Precise 0.6.3-3build1 None
recoll Debian Squeeze 1.13.04-3+squeeze1 None
speech-tools Ubuntu Precise 1:2.1~release-2build2 None
yokadi Ubuntu Precise 0.13.0-2build1 None
chmlib Ubuntu Precise 2:0.40a-1 None
xosview Ubuntu Precise 1.9.0-1 None
gnome-specimen Ubuntu Precise 0.4-8 None
recoll Ubuntu Precise 1.16.2-1 None
fortunes-debian-hints Ubuntu Precise 1.98 None
fontypython Ubuntu Precise None
freetalk Ubuntu Oneiric 3.2-10 None
recoll Ubuntu Oneiric 1.15.9-1 None
ayttm Ubuntu Oneiric 0.6.3-1build1 None
dee Ubuntu Oneiric 0.5.18-1 None
xchm Ubuntu Oneiric 2:1.20-1 None
uni2ascii Ubuntu Oneiric 4.18-1 None
175 of 326 results