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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
expect Ubuntu Edgy 5.43.0-3.1 None
ratmenu Ubuntu Edgy 2.3.11 None
lambdamoo Ubuntu Edgy 1:1.8.2-cvs20050209-4 None
lambdamoo-docs Ubuntu Edgy 1.8.2-8 None
lambdacore Ubuntu Edgy 20040517-1 None
jhcore Ubuntu Edgy 20050204-1 None
ghostcore Ubuntu Edgy 0.9.8-6 None
ratpoison Ubuntu Dapper 1.4.0-beta4-8 None
ratmenu Ubuntu Dapper 2.3.6 Not yet built
lambdamoo Ubuntu Dapper 1:1.8.2-cvs20050209-3 None