Team participation for Lars Helge Øverland

Lars Helge Øverland is a member of the following teams:

Team Joined Role Via Mailing List
DHIS 2 Academy 2010-10-18 Admin Not subscribed
DHIS 2 Administrators 2009-03-12 Member
DHIS 2 India Developers Member DHIS 2 core developers Not subscribed
DHIS 2 Kenya 2010-10-14 Admin Not subscribed
DHIS 2 Users 2009-11-18 Admin Subscribed
DHIS 2 coordinators 2009-03-03 Admin
DHIS 2 core developers 2009-02-11 Member
DHIS 2 developers 2009-02-11 Admin Subscribed
DHIS Community Based System 2009-10-21 Member
DHIS mobile developers Member DHIS 2 coordinators Not subscribed
DHIS2 CCEI List 2014-04-05 Member Subscribed
DHIS2 Documentation Team 2009-09-18 Member Not subscribed
Folkehelsa Devs Member DHIS 2 core developers
HIS Interoperability 2011-09-03 Member Not subscribed
OpenHealth developers 2009-07-17 Member Not subscribed
USB toolkit developers Member DHIS 2 Administrators
Zanzibar HIS Member HIS Interoperability Not subscribed
dhis2-ccei-dev 2014-01-24 Member Not subscribed
dhis2-core-documenters 2014-08-18 Member
iHRIS-DHIS Integration Member Zanzibar HIS, HIS Interoperability
sis-ma 2013-08-07 Member