Maintained Packages

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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
zimlib Debian Sid 7.2.1-1 None
zim-tools Debian Sid 3.1.1-1 None
mwparserfromhell Debian Sid 0.6.4-1 None
libkiwix Debian Sid 10.1.1+dfsg-1 None
kiwix Debian Sid 2.2.1-1 None
libkiwix Ubuntu Kinetic 10.0.0+dfsg-2build2 None
zimlib Ubuntu Kinetic 7.2.0-2build2 None
mediawiki Debian Sid 1:1.35.6-1 None
mediawiki Debian Buster 1:1.31.16-1+deb10u2 None
mediawiki Debian Bullseye 1:1.35.4-1+deb11u2 None
mwparserfromhell Ubuntu Jammy 0.6.3-1build1 None
python-libzim Ubuntu Jammy 1.0.0+ds-2build1 None
libkiwix Ubuntu Jammy 10.0.0+dfsg-2build1 None
zimlib Ubuntu Jammy 7.2.0-2build1 None
python-libzim Debian Sid 1.0.0+ds-2 None
kiwix-tools Debian Sid 3.2.0-2 None
kiwix-tools Debian Experimental 3.2.0-1 None
kiwix Debian Experimental 2.1.0-1 None
libkiwix Debian Experimental 10.0.0+dfsg-1 None
zimlib Debian Experimental 7.2.0-1 None
zim-tools Debian Experimental 3.1.0-1 None
python-libzim Debian Experimental 1.0.0+ds-1 None
libkainjow-mustache Debian Sid 4.1+ds-2 None
libkainjow-mustache Ubuntu Hirsute 4.1+ds-1ubuntu1 None
mwparserfromhell Ubuntu Hirsute 0.5.4-2build3 None
python-libzim Ubuntu Hirsute 0.0.3-2build1 None
mediawiki-extension-youtube Debian Sid 1.9.3~git20200711.0f87a53-1 None
mediawiki-skin-greystuff Debian Sid 1.0.8~git20200711.479faf1-1 None
mediawiki Debian Experimental 1:1.35.0~rc.3-1 None
mediawiki Debian Stretch 1:1.27.7-1~deb9u3 None
pdf-redact-tools Debian Sid 0.1.2-4 None
libkiwix Ubuntu Disco 0.2.0-1ubuntu1 None
mwparserfromhell Ubuntu Disco 0.5.1-1build2 None
uprightdiff Ubuntu Cosmic 1.3.0-1build1 None
mwparserfromhell Ubuntu Cosmic 0.5.1-1build1 None
php-luasandbox Debian Sid 3.0.1-1 None
php-luasandbox Ubuntu Bionic 2.0.14-4build1 None
uprightdiff Debian Sid 1.3.0-1 None
138 of 38 results