I am a huge advocate of open source software systems in the educational and youth arenas. I believe that being exposed to multiple operating systems, especially when young, will help shape views on what one would enjoy working with the most. I believe the LTSP project is of incredible potential in the educational sector. Centralized administration and true user/data/session mobility are huge benefits for computer technicians that are tired of touching every single system in a network for software patches, updates, and changes in configuration. Low-cost "green" thin clients are extremely smart choices when looking at things like computer labs and overall network energy consumption throughout an educational network environment. The combination of these advantages, along with all of the advantages of open source software, makes it a win/win for anyone interested in improving their technology infrastructure for the benefit of education.

My technical support and consulting company makes Ubuntu Linux and LTSP a primary focus in its endeavors. I strive to contribute and give back as much as I can to the open source software community, as it is the community that has given me some of the best tools in the world to pass on to my clients.

You can visit my company home page at http://www.logicalnetworking.net . Thanks for reading!

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